Near Sawrey

Friday, April 06, 2007

The sun keeps on shining and it has been another wonderful day.
Hill Top was open today because it was Good Friday, they are usually closed on a Friday. We decided not to open the tea room today, we had lots of jobs to catch up on and so Helen was baking and I was gardening, Paul from the farm brought me a bucket load of wood chippings from up the lane so I spread them on the back garden as a mulch,when I say a bucket I mean a tractor bucket.

Matthew cut the grass at home after he had been on his run, he is off work today and tomorrow.
Another full house for breakfast in the morning including a family of four from Japan, in fact I think they live in London.

Helen received her copy of the Beatrix Potter society newsletter and recognised two people photographed in it, one was a guest from Seattle, Buena (as in tuna, her words) and the other was Miss Ishii a Japanese lady who translated the little Beatrix Potter books into Japanese and is probably responsible for the large number of Japanese visitors that have come to Near Sawrey since. Miss Ishii has just celebrated her 100 birthday and when she first visited Near Sawrey in 1972 she stayed with Denis, Margaret and Helen at Sawrey House.

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