Near Sawrey

Monday, June 18, 2007

We had a good night out with guests Rob & Pat from Anstey, it was their Ruby wedding yesterday and it was Robs birthday today, they went home this morning.
A group of 8 checked in today they are celebrating a birthday, one of the party is 80 years old.

Despite the weatherman's predictions we only had a short sharp shower.

The things people say!! During a busy spell in the tea room we had a couple waiting patiently for a table and I suggested they might like to share with a couple who were sat at large table, no the lady replied we are on our honeymoon so want to be alone, it was only a table I suggested they share!!!

A walk to Moss Eccles before tea, we met Jane from Belle Green farm and a couple of her kids, they had all been a walk.

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