Near Sawrey

Friday, July 27, 2007

Kendal yesterday and when we got back we called in at the Tower for a beer, Helen spotted crayfish tails on the specials board and I fancied the beef casserole so we decided to have our supper and then headed home.

The latest on the ladies who had the car broken into, things were worse than I feared because they both had a substantial amount of cash in their purses, the good thing is they are insured and despite the trauma of it all they were not injured.
The police seem to think the bags and belongings will turn up, minus the cash of course.

They left this morning and gave us a nice thank you card for our support, then this afternoon a floral display turned up with another thank you note.Thank you ladies.
Hill Top is closed as usual today and I have never seen so many people turning up on a Friday.

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