Near Sawrey

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rain again this morning but by lunch time the sun was shining.

St Peters church in Far Sawrey with Charlie and Nancy's colourful garden in the foreground.

We had a quick walk round to Far Sawrey and met Roger and Graham from Fold Farm they were just setting off to move their bull to a fresh field, the bulls pedigree name is "No effort" I asked the lads if that meant it needed no effort or it showed no effort, they just laughed.

We got back to Buckle Yeat to find two guests, a lady and her mum had parked at Castlerigg stone circle and when they got back to their car some morons had broke the back window and gone with their handbags, the police are on they way for a statement.
The ladies were quite distressed and I can understand why.

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