Near Sawrey

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As busy as usual in the village with the Miss Potter factor showing no sign fading.
There is often a build up of traffic when a ferry comes in the car park is full, today the police turned up and told those in charge of the car park to instruct the drivers to drive on if the car park was full, straight away the traffic problem was solved, Hill Top still sold out just around 2.30 which I guess must be some sort of a record.

We have a room free tonight but hopefully we will let it.We are full again tomorrow.

A couple of Japanese ladies have just checked in, they stayed at Lindeth Howe last night, they seem to be using a Japanese guide book in which both ourselves and the Lindeth Howe are in, a slight difference in price though.

We had quick word with Matthew after his first day in his new job, all went well and he is looking forward to getting started on his project.

A couple of Australians called tonight for the vacant room and we went a walk through Castle wood and Helen's mum Margaret came with us,

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