Near Sawrey

Monday, August 06, 2007

It was a lot cooler today but also a lot busier. Another sell out at Hill Top.
We have a group of 3 due in and they rang this afternoon from the M6 stuck behind a bad road traffic accident, they are going to be late.

The committee have put these signs up at the Tarn Hill playground, tourists, most of them visiting Hill Top are parking on the land owned by the Tarn Hill Trust and I think it is right that they should donate a few quid for the privilege.
We heard today that Hawkshead Show has been cancelled due to the the Foot and Mouth threat.

A nice night so we went up Coopers Lane to Moss Eccles for our walk, it was very quiet and we never saw anyone.

I spoke to Matthew tonight he has settled in his new accommodation and is all ready for work in the morning.

The people stuck in the M6 traffic have just arrived, a 6 car pile up apparently.

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