Near Sawrey

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Buckle Yeat back in action today with guests arriving all day, just one couple left to check in as I write.
Despite all the weather warnings hear in the sunny lakes it has been quite pleasant with warm temperatures and dry, but! and there is always a but, the rain has just started. This morning we caught up on all the gardening etc here at the guesthouse and at home.

Still no yellow lines in the village and as I am sure I have said before it looks better but cars are parking in the most ridiculous places. In fact the police have just been and placed a sign at the entrance of the village, my guess it is some sort of parking restriction information, it's pouring down now so I am not going to look.

I am having a problem with my camera so this is a picture Denis took the other day of a rainbow over Far Sawrey.

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