Near Sawrey

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer! what summer? the weather is rubbish, the only saving grace is it is the same all over the country.
A couple of aussie ladies checked out this morning and because they were in a rush to make an early start and we were still serving breakfast they left their credit card behind, luckily we had a mobile number which I tried to ring without much joy so I eventually sent them a text, they rang back and we made arrangements to post the card to their next port of call.

I went to Hawkshead to post the afore mentioned card and buy some free range eggs from the Honeypot, Hawkshead was looking stunning despite the the gloomy weather, hanging baskets, tubs and troughs all over the place and looking really colourful.

These are a couple of pictures of the narrow flower decked streets of Hawkshead and this one is the stream that disappears under the village.

"Bruces Barrow" outside the post office.

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