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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We had a visit yesterday from Lynn the creator of our Mr McGregor who sits out on the bench raising money for Tarn Hill playground (£2000 and counting) she tells us she has a replacement ready, the origanal is looking a bit weather beaten, any way the replacement will be here in a week or two and we will make the change over seamless.

We had a busy garden yesterday with lots of people having tea when a man arrived with a couple of dogs to join his family at one of the tables, so far so good till we noticed he was carrying and swinging a plastic bag containing what most dog owners seem to transport these days!! We could see other guest physically recoil, so in my most diplomatic way I pointed him towards the dustbin.

Our camera has given up the ghost for some reason and does everthing except take a picture, which I guess is a pretty important part of the plan.

Still cloudy today but the temperature has gone up to what we should be getting at this time of time of the year.

A Japanese foursome checked in for one night and they seemed more interested in fishing than in Beatrix Potter.
After work we called in at the TBA for a quick beer before heading home for tea.

Denis has given me the loan of his camera so these two shots of the garden this afternoon are a bit of an experiment and I think they have come out well

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