Near Sawrey

Friday, July 25, 2008

We went to Kendal yesterday, some of the dreaded shopping to do and we both had to visit the opticians. Much earlier in the day ie 7.30am the Japanese foursome rang with what seemed a very important need to ring Japan to obtain a document, it turned out the document was just a newspaper, all in a days work.

The Royal Windermere Yacht Club moorings.

Dave the computer guru came over today to download some photos for the new web site, the old one has gone and a temporary site is on for the time being.

A sunny start to the day, I managed to cut the grass but tonight we are in the middle of a thunder storm as I type this.

A couple checked in this afternoon with their granddaughter, they had just been driving along from the fish farm area when a large oak branch fell in front of them and blocked the road, as it happened brother-in-law Tony was on the other side and saw it fall as well, between them they moved the branch and counted their blessings it missed them all and no damage was done.

We have had a baby robin living in the garden the last few days and it is getting quite tame in fact we both had it eating out of our hands.

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