Near Sawrey

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rain all day yesterday and torrential at that, we had a visit from my brother Alan and when he got back home to Ulverston he rang to tell us there were a number of cars stranded in the floods between Hawkshead and Newby Brigde, later on the road was actually unpassable for a while.

Today on the other hand is wall to wall sunshine, a really pleasant autumnal day.

Brian and Joyce left us this morning for the long drive home, they were not too lucky with the weather this year but I am sure they enjoyed their holiday.

Derek & Vicky another regular couple of guests are here for their final visit of the season, it is a birthday and wedding anniversary time for them, they stayed with us before they were married and this week they celebrate 29 years married, amazing!! not that they have been together that long but that we have known them that long.

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