Near Sawrey

Sunday, July 31, 2005

More bull

This is the Sawrey bull run this morning. Leading the charge in the Landrover is Roger from Fold Farm.
After tea me and Helen had a good walk through Bishop and Castle woods and then back down into village.Sunny this afternoon and quite a red sunset so things look good for tomorrow.

Sawrey Bull Run

Quite a pleasant warm calm start to the the day, and a bit of sunshine promised for later.
Graham from Fold Farm in Far Sawrey was moving some stock first thing this morning so I was on guard at the Buckle Yeat entrance to divert any strays. It's quite a sight 30 or so cows and a very large bull running through the village with Graham struggling to keep up, Roger his brother had the cushy job, leading them in the Landrover.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Black fuschia

Not a very busy day in the tearooms today,just steady.This fuschia is one Denis was given last year, it is supposed to be a black varity,I suppose in horticulture terms it is, any way it's stunning.
Me Helen and Matthew went for a walk up to Moss Eccles and this is a pictur of the water lilies at the top end of the tarn.watching a bit of cricket at the moment,lancashire will do very well to win from the position they are in at the moment, but we live in hope.

Steam Gathering

Steam Gathering at Flookburgh this weekend so they will be hoping for a dry couple of days. Saturday again so the tea rooms are open again, could be a busy one. Will try and keep up with the 20 20 cricket and see how Lancashire fare. Only one room changes today.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Classic Cars

All the way from Norway in these classic Fords, either very brave or very confident of how reliable they are, imagine ringing the AA and the mechanic turning up with his on board diagnostic machine.
Had a lady from Channel 4 this morning wanting rooms for a crew filming River Cottage with Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall (spelling unsure) Our coalman Trevor is taking him char fishing on Coniston,Trev is a bit of a character and the lady this morning has already met him and her words were "perfect for TV"

Flag repairs

Just starting to rain again, just a light drizzle you know the one that wets you through.
This morning I have done my bit for Anglo Norwegian relations by fixing the Norwegian flag on one of the classic cars. Ambleside sports yesterday a bit of a wash out I guess

Thursday, July 28, 2005


An awful day weatherwise, but before the rain set in we got these shots in Kendal of Kendal Castle, former residence off the Parr family, Katherine Parr being the 6th wife of Henry V111.It was also the anniversary today of the birth of Beatrix Potter born 28th July 1866. Four Norwegians took the vacant rooms and turned up in classic Ford cars pictures tomorrow weather permitting.

Wet start

Quite a lot of rain overnight and it feels autumnal this morning and we are are still in July, lets hope we have some more summer.
It's Thursday so it's shopping day,a couple of rooms free tonight so the vacancies board is out ( I hate that board) Might try a beer in the Tower after the dreaded shopping.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


No rain up here in the North, it's been a fine day and it's a really pleasent evening. A lot of swalllows or are they swifts out feeding at the moment. Just keeping a look out for a pair owls out feeding down by Ees Bridge, we can often see them back and forth in relays returning with their kill. This is a picture off Ees bridge.


Another uneventful breakfast shift behind us. Just one room free tonight, a couple of regulars had to leave a day early because the gentleman was feeling under the weather, shame because it looks like another good day. Denis is busy watering the garden (again). Must try and complete vat returns today, great fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More footy

Not as busy as yesterday for some reason, a few coaches about but they are rushed from one place to another.
Liverpool in action again tonight 2-1 to the good at the moment but not the best performance I have ever seen oh 3-1 now Stevie G with a penalty, playing a team from Lithuania. Picture is one of Denis's basket, the begonias are stunning at the moment and the garden is being photographed all day long.

Ginger & Pickles

calm morning no wind but no sun, maybe later.
This is a picture of the cottage across the road taken off Buckle Yeat path. The cottage was once a shop and was the inspiration for the the shop in Potters Ginger & Pickles

Monday, July 25, 2005

Lake walk

Had a busy day today, the school hols are here. When we finished and had our tea Helen and I went for a walk to the fish farm on Esthwaite Water,it was quite cloudy and not so warm As you can see Helen took the photos, I think she caught my best side.

Wood for winter

We have just had a couple of loads of firewood delivered this morning,should be nice and seasoned before we have to use it.I had a visit from my God daughter Ellie this morning, her Grandad Phillip from the Tower Banks Arms says they where very busy last night. An awful lot of people about this morning milling about the village so I better get on.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Red Arrows

The Red Arrows Aerobatic Team where giving a display at Windermere today, I tried to get some pictures from in the village but failed, however Tony & Margaret, Helens brother and his wife went up Scale Ivy,a high point between Sawrey and Windermere and managed to catch these dramatic shots. As you can see quite a few locals had the same idea.

Patchwork Quilt

This a picture of a traditional, hand-made double bed patchwork quilt created by the Hawkshead Quilters, they are selling raffle tickets to raise money for the Hawkshead and Sawrey playgrounds.Tickets are £1 each or £5 a book and are available from Buckle Yeat, Near Sawrey, Hawkshead, Cumbria, LA22 OLF.
Red Arrows due at 12.30.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Had a visit today from some guests/friends John & Margaret who have upped sticks and moved to France, the picture is John and his grandaughter Holly who thought I was wonderful.
The other shots are of Denis and his sardines.
Just off out for a drink at the Tower Bank Arms with our neighbours Graham and Judy.

School holidays

The queue at the Hill Top ticket office is full of delightful little children this morning so it looks like the silly season is about to commence.
The sun is just trying to break out which is good because there is an airshow on at Winderemere this weekend.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Never managed to see any of the cricket,lighting job took longer than I thought.
These are a couple of pictures taken by a lady from Seattle called Buena who stayed with us in June, the signpost is the one drawn by Beatrix Potter in The Tale of Pigling Bland. The sheep seem to be posing for the camera.

The Japanese foursome left this morning, really nice family. The father had been working at Manchester University for a year and had not seen his 3 year old son for all that time. Just returning a few e-mails and confirmation letters then down home to do some electrical work.
Matthew busy painting his Grans conservatory. Helen busy at Buckle Yeat.Might catch a glimpse of test match later.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Boats on the lake

Off to Kendal we go, eventually, Crossing the Lake on the way out we saw a steam boat with swans and ducks in tow, the the ferry docks and the cars disembark. After an uneventful shopping trip we return across the ferry and the clouds had all dispersed and as we where crossing got this shot of the Phoenix sailing down Windermere.

Manic Morning

What crazy morning busy busy busy. Off to Kendal for supplies.We are receiving some great pictures and some good feedback.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tarn Hill

A busy day all round today, quite a few different nationalities about this afternoon, Belgian,Aussies,Norwegians, Kiwis, not to forget Japanese. The picture is the new playground equipment which is ready to be erected on Tarn Hill playground.
The committee have been raising money for a year or so after the the old equipment was condemned.Amongst the fund raising events there has been a BBQ,a hog roast, a cruise on Windermere and have all been well attended.

Sunshine and showers

Sunshine and showers this morning, a bit cooler. Denis & Margaret are off to Kendal for new reading specs.Heather has come to help out.
4 Japanese guest to arrive today, will have to brush up on the language.
Picture sent from America is rhubarb patch in Hill Top garden

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I've lost my ****** glasses

Denis had his glasses at breakfast but after that who knows and he's not very happy, unable to do his suduko.Watched football with Matthew tonight as Liverpool managed a 3-0 win against the mighty TNS (who).Picture is the floral display on the edge of the village of Hawkshead. The village is a regular competitor in the Britain in Bloom competition. The name of the boat Haukr is a viking name from where Hawkshead gets it's name.


A bright and breezy morning, a busy breakfast behind us.
Just one room leaving today and no one booked to arrive so we will see if we can let it. Glazing units going in at a rate next door, should be all finished tomorrow, then the paint brush will have to come out. Some rubbish for the tip so will have to try to get to Ambleside later.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Men at work

On the road to Hawkshead there is an old drinking trough which has seen better days. A group of locals are renovating it in memory of Brian & Phyllis two villagers who died in a road accident a few years ago and are sadly missed. In the not to distant future they will be erecting a plaque inscribed with their names. In the top picture is Roger and Simon and in the bottom picture is Roger and Roland. ( not forgetting Jenny the dog)


Well its hard to believe but this morning we have rain, the forecast is to improve. A dry day was needed because we have Andy the joiner replacing some glazing units in Denis & Margaret,s conservatory. The picture is taken from Buckle Yeat across Post Office Meadow and was taken by a lady from America who stayed with us a few weeks ago and emailed to us yesterday.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Esthwaite Water

Had quite a busy day in the tea rooms, everybody sitting outside though. Its been a stunning day with clear skies and the temperature got up to 27 degrees.Helen and I had a walk tonight down through the holiday flats and on to the shore of Esthwaite Water, we walked around what we call the island, but its not, and back out on to the road and then up into the village.
Todays pics are one of Esthwaite taken by Paco aka Denis and one of the post box at Buckle Yeat.


Promising start to Sunday, hazy cloud light breeze 20 degrees, and I won £25 on the lotto bonus number game at the Tower Bank Arms.
Phillip runs it every week and the proceeds go to the Sawrey institutee, a small snooker room for locals which is in Far Sawrey. One room vacant tonight so will have to take the no vacancies board down.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


While sat relaxing after our supper we had a visit from a fieldmouse on the bird feeder, manged to get a couple of shots and now all we need is a name for the little rascal please cast your vote now. Then we had a walk down to the lake and took saw these alien lambs.

Good morning

A lovely Saturday morning, a few clouds but plenty of blue sky. Hill Top is open again today so the village should be busy again. If the weather keeps up we might try a BBQ tonight, only one lot of guests to check in today. Had quite a few emails from people who have had a look at the site. More the merrier.

Friday, July 15, 2005

A walk in the woods

Had a nice walk tonight down past Dub Howe farm then through Bishop Wood and took a new permitted path through Castle Wood and joined the footpath at Wilfin Beck bridge.
The pictures are one showing a tree blown down in the January storms, and the other is a view of Wilfin Beck off the footbridge.

Contributed pictures

A couple of pictures taken by Mrs Broekman who left yesterday,the first is her husband Jan and Svetlana their Russian friend, and the second is yours truly, Helen and Svetlana in the lounge at Buckle Yeat.
Its not been a bad sort of a day weather wise, not the high temperature as of late but very pleasent.
Just waiting for the last guests to arrive then home for tea.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Evening stroll

Had a busy day shopping for supplies, lunch at Booths supermarket, they have restaurant called Artisan where they only use top local produce which you can then purchase in the store, very good. After we got back had a walk to Far Sawrey. Weather a bit cooler and cloudy tonight. Picture is Hill Top Farm the former home of Beatrix Potter.

You can't win

According to Denis, we needed some rain to "water the plants". We got lots of rain this morning! However, it was "too much rain" and the plants took a bit of a battering. You can't win. Helen and I are off to the dentist for a check-up then shopping in Kendal. Thankfully, the rain has passed and the sky is brightening. Our Russian visitor left this morning, leaving us a Russian doll as a gift.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Japanese Visitors

A coach load of Japanese tourists arrived on the door step so while they took pictures of us I got them back. they all thought it was funny and started to wave.
The temperature was not quite as high today and in fact a covering of cloud has developed tonight.
The football season starts tonight so Matthew and I might catch the Liverpool game later.


Another bright sunny morning.
A bit of action in the village, the fire brigade have turned up sirens wailing and have gone into Hill Top, no smoke to be seen so I dont think there is anything serious going on.
a room to let tonight , should not be a problem.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Evening swim

Another lovely night, we had a barbecue and then Helen Matthew and I went for a walk up to Moss Eccles where we went for a quick dip, Helen took the picture. the water was really warm on the surface but a little cooler a bit deeper, very refreshing.

Rachels Birthday

Our niece Rachel was 22 today and I remember it being just as hot when she was born, I am sure her mum will confirm.
This is Rachel with her gran Margaret in Rachels garden this afternoon.

And the heat goes on

Forecasting 30 degrees today,
The first coach of Japanese visitors has already arrived, all the guest have gone out for the day, one of which is a Russian lady , a first for Buckle Yeat I think.
Denis has got his holiday sun hat on this morning, very classy.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hay Making

Hay making at Hill Top farm. I talked Denis into using our camera for the first time, he made a good job.
I have just been to Hawkshead to pick Matthew up, he has been to a BBQ just outside the village.


The garden all ready for the hordes ( But not today) We are struggling to provide a bit of shade, the Japanese visitors do not like to much sun.

Margaret making the fruit salad for breakfast and Helen baking the scones for the tea rooms.

Boy its hot today

This weather report is getting a bit predictable but it is really hot this morning.
All the lads are busy with the hay time.
Just finished another busy breakfast and we have a few guests leaving and arriving today.
Matthew is back at work in the Hill Top ticket office.
Computer man is comong today to try and sort out the Buckle yeat PC.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Helen and I went a walk up to Moss Eccles after tea and on the way we met a couple of the local characters Alan & Richard. They had been to a BBQ run by the British Legion at Keen Ground Hawkshead, they had a perfct day for it. up at Moss eccles it was very quiet and warm but I resisted a swim, maybe later on in the week.