Near Sawrey

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sunny again this morning but right on cue the rain arrived just after lunch.
It was Cartmel races today and we had a group who planned to spend the day there.
We have a few guests in at the moment who are blog readers and have booked because they have read the blog, this is good but it means if we are getting business from I really have to keep blogging.

Derek and Vicky left yesterday and some other guests had noticed a remarkable likeness between Derek and Sven Goran Erickson the former England manager, I have to say I have commented on this before to Derek and have pointed out the you never see the both of them in the same room together, Vicky told me he has also been likened to Wilfred Hyde White, so she is settling for Sven.

The rain eased and we managed a walk down to the fish farm and back.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Potter mania in Near Sawrey today, lines of stationary traffic through the village as the ferry unloads and the cars attempt to drive on to Hawkshead, those wishing to visit the house wait in line but then those who want to go straight through the village have to take a chance and drive on the wrong side of the road, we did see the police arrive at one point but we are not sure if it was a chance visit or someone had rang them. It is ironic that 20 years ago when we had plans submitted to renovate Buckle Yeat one of the objections was the amount of traffic we would attract to the village!!

Up to Moss Eccles before tea, we took longer than planned because we got talking to Parky who was cutting the grass at the Tarn Hill playground. He was telling us that he was there with his family a couple of weeks ago having a picnic and saw about 40 families come and go without donating any money to the upkeep. I think a new money box and sign is needed.

We then had a chat to Gary on his way to pick up a dead sheep then we met his daughter Amy and had a quick chat with her.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Monday and although it has been cool and breezy it has stayed dry, well just as I am writing this we are having a rain shower but there is plenty of blue sky about.
That's the last Bank Holiday until August but with the Miss Potter factor I don't think the village is going to quieten down much.
Hill Top has been busy as usual and yet again they sold out mid afternoon.

It is Cartmel races today and we are waiting some regulars who will setting off after the last race and should be here about 6pm.

Lorna rang again this morning and it is wet again in the south, hosepipe ban soon then.

The blog topped the 30000 mark over the weekend and is averaging about 60/70 hits a day, last year it was 20/30 hits a day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A dry but cool day, the May Fayre celebrations seemed to be lucky with the weather, we were supposed to have torrential rain and high winds today, what do these forecasters know.
Hill Top was very busy and sold out of tickets at about 3:15pm we then went quiet and finished early.

We went a quick walk before tea down to Esthwaite Water and the wind was bitter, you can tell it's a Bank Holiday by the number of children down at the Estwaite farm holiday flats, it is a brilliant location for families with so much outside space for the kids.

Lorna rang Helen tonight, she and her husband Tony are coming up to Sawrey next week, they are staying with us for 3 nights then staying with our neighbour Elizabeth.

I missed the procession going by but luckily Denis was out with his camera and took these pictures just before they set off.

We have just recieved the following e-mail and could not resist sharing it

Dear Robert and Helen,

We are home in London at last, pausing for a night in Kilburn, Yorkshire, to see "the Mouseman" and his wares.
We have had a wonderfully relaxing holiday in "the Lakes", due in no small measure to your superb hospitality and facilities! Whilst everyone identifies your fabulous breakfasts and there is no doubt about that, we would like to thank you both (and Mum and Dad) for your thoughtful and caring approach, at all times, to us and the other guests.....customer service (as they say) at its best! You have a unique business and we loved both the exceptional bathroom facility and the exceptional lounge with it's luxurious furniture and log fire. All in all it has been a very special holiday.

Given a fair wind, we shall be back!

Thank you again and have a good summer.

John and rosemary

What a nice message.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

We closed the tea rooms this afternoon at about 2:30pm because Gillian and some of the ladies in the village were serving teas at High Greengate to raise money for the Braithwaite Hall.

Lots of people in the village this morning, a coach load of Japanese tourist taking pictures of Mr McGregor, they never seem to put any money in his plant pot, I don't think they are mean I just don't think they get the idea of donations, it's a bit lost in translation I suppose.

Tomorrow Sunday 27th is the annual May Fayre organised by the Sawrey, Cunsey, Graythwaite Festivities Committee. the procession leaves market Street in Near Sawrey at 2pm before making it's way to the Braithwaite Hall in Far Sawrey where a display of maypole dancing will take place,also various stalls and games are planned, let's hope the weather is good.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A sunny day with a cool breeze, two rooms checked out this morning and the two to come back in are a family that always stay on this Bank holiday, they will be here around 10pm.

Denis and I went to a funeral at St Michaels in Hawkshead this morning, Nat who sadly passed away last week. He used to live in the North East and had connections with Durham so when Matthew was at university up there he was always asking if he could take him anything up, he was a real genuine nice guy.

Matthew got home from work just as we were setting off on a walk so he came with us, we went down the dub lane and then through the woods

Wilfin beck.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Due to events beyond my control I never made my debut on county wide radio, yes Liverpool lost. Although strictly speaking it would have not been my debut as I once rang in and answered correctly a question on air and won a Post Man Pat video, Matthew would have been about 4 years old.

The back gate at Buckle Yeat taken by Helen this morning.

A couple of shots taken from off the ferry.
We have been into Kendal and negotiated the traffic chaos that is Kendal at the moment.
We seem to have sorted out the internet problems of late, I spent nearly an hour this morning hanging on the end of the telephone line and when I got an answer it was sorted in 5 minutes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

We have been having problems for a couple of days with our internet provider, still not sorted but a least I have managed to connect, still having email problems so apologies to the Purley Plonkers aka Mark & Carole and also to Bradda the biggest Wolves fan I know, to be honest he is the only Wolves fan I know, any way they have sent e-mails wishing Liverpool the best of luck in the big match tonight, thanks for your support, come on you reds!!!

The power of the Buckle-Yeat blog, this morning BBC Radio Cumbria rang and asked if they could give me a call on air in the morning if Liverpool win, I asked where they got my name from and they told me it was the blog site, amazing! So if all goes to plan I will be speaking to the nation in the morning, well Cumbria at least.

These are a couple of Buckle Yeat blooms.

Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Miho a Japanese girl who left today, she mentioned yesterday to Derek and Vicky that it was her birthday and so this morning they had a birthday card for her.
She was a bit overcome with the kindness and shed a tear or two, she is in the UK for 2 years and I guess she will be missing her family. When she left she left a small gift which is the usual thing for Japanese people to do.

The Buckle Yeat garden is looking good.

Matthew has gone off to Sarah's today and tomorrow he heads off to Warwick for a meeting with his new employers to sort out roles and locations.

It has been a great day with lots of sunshine and we had a good walk through Castle Wood tonight before tea.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

It has been a fantastic day which has got warmer as the day progressed.
This morning there was a marathon taking place around Windermere and the road was closed at Brathay for a couple of hours, it made it a quiet start in the village but it soon livened up.

Matthew was off today and he kept an eye on the footie and saw that Morecambe won in the conference play off final, this means they are now in the football league for the first time in their history, well done the shrimps.

It was should a great evening we decided to have a walk before our tea and so we headed up to Moss Eccles.

This is from above the village looking down onto Esthwaite Water, we took all these pictures tonight around about 8pm.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

What started out as a wet and wild morning developed into a good sunny afternoon and early evening.
It was a busy breakfast, we had Derek and Vicky here early for their 2nd visit of the year and then at coffee time lots of Potter hunters who had missed the last 2 days because Hill Top was closed, then the sun came out and the customers disappeared, well not all of them but it did go a bit quieter, I guess the cup final had a bit to do with it.
As a Liverpool fan a good result would have been both teams losing but that was never going to happen.

Clouds gathering this morning.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wet, wild and windy overnight and it was pouring down at breakfast time. I had planned to put some plants in at home but that was looking like a lost cause, however lo and behold it stopped raining and the sun came out.

So as planned but a bit later than I hoped I managed to get home and spend a couple of hours sorting out the garden.

Helen was busy all day at Buckle Yeat catching up on the jobs that get left when we are busy with teas, when I got back up she was still busy so at I decided to give the lawnmower a bit of a run around, considering the morning weather it was bonus to get it done.

Denis and Margaret had a run out and called in to see Philip and Dorothy (formerly TBA}
who are living in Kirkby in Furness, Phil is still struggling with an infection in his leg.

The rain returned and prevented a walk and we are just waiting for the final guests to arrive.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

After breakfast and when everything was sorted at Buckle Yeat, we set off to Ulverston. It was Dad's Birthday today, 80 years young. Happy Birthday!
We called in with some cards and presents and then off to Barrow where it was really damp and foggy. Further east in the county it was apparently quite sunny.

When we got back, Margaret had set Mr McGregor up at the computer and succeeded in giving me a bit of a shock.

The afore mentioned fridge magnets arrived and we have already had orders via email. "This time next year we'll be millionaires!!"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It has been a wet day and so consequently Hill Top closed early having sold out of tickets by about 3.30pm. They cut the number allowed in during wet days, I bet the National Trust accountants must pray for dry weather.

I forgot to mention yesterday Aled Jones the former boy soprano and presenter of Songs Of Praise was in the village in the morning, I'm not sure what he was doing but it will no doubt become apparent.

Today in the post we received a sample of a new product about to hit shelves, a Buckle Yeat fridge magnet, we have sanctioned production and they should be here tomorrow, at £1.99 they are a gift.

Still raining so the walk is off and I will have to use Matthew and Sarah's shots from the other day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Despite a bad forecast the weather has been sunny and warm with just the one shower late in the afternoon and that was very local as it did not rain in Hawkshead.

We had a couple of blog readers turn up from Canada today, they are without a car and luckily the place they stayed in last night they met a couple from the same area of Canada and in fact although they did not know each other they did have mutual friends, small world!! Anyway they got a lift over this morning.

The postman brought a card from the sorting office this morning to tell me there was a letter with not enough postage on waiting at the sorting office, it was 70p short on the postage and to retrieve it I had to either drive to Windermere and pay £1.70, the extra £1 was a handling charge, or put £1.70 worth of stamps on the card, post the card and the postman will bring the letter tomorrow. Is it me or would it have been easier and cheaper if the postman brought the card and asked for the missing 70p. I would not be surprised if the said letter turns out to be junk mail.

We had a good walk through the woods after we finished tonight.

Monday, May 14, 2007

After a wet night it has been a nice sunny day.
We had a good night in the Tower Bank Arms last night, when we went in it was busy with some of the lads who had been at the hound trails and then after a we had eaten a delicious meal John and Margaret (new year gang) joined us for a chat and a glass of wine.

These first two pictures are a couple of shots that Matthew and Sarah took on their walk yesterday.

Flag Iris on the shores of Esthwaite Water.Helen took these shots as we took a walk down to the lake.