Near Sawrey

Monday, October 31, 2005

It stayed sunny and warm all day, after we finished we went up stoney lane and past the tarns and then dropped down to Colthouse and back along the road into Sawrey.

This is a stream running off Claife Heights.

This is a shot of Hawkshead with low cloud on Coniston Old Man in the background.

This small tarn is just beyond Wyes Een tarn, I'm not sure what it is called but will try to find out.
Matthew had his first day at his new job, he had to go into the Coniston branch today and the Hawkshead branch tomorrow. He then called in at the doctors for phase two of his rabies jab.
We have just had the heaviest downpour of rain.
It's a nice sunny morning and everybody is up and out early, except the couple with baby Lucy I think Lucy had her extra hour in bed this morning, you can turn back clocks, but when it comes to babies that's different. The two old ladies who arrived yesterday have gone to funeral, well that is after they managed to get the car out of the car park, I had to do a bit of guiding but they were quite adamant they could do it without my assistance.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The rain stopped and the sun did shine.
We never had a caller for the vacent room, although we never expected to let it.
I went to Grasmere this afternoon, and took this picture of a shower on the fells overlooking the village.

This is a family of sheep at the entrance to Hawkshead.

Two ladies from Cirencester arrived just as it turned dark, we made them tea and they wanted to watch Songs of Praise, as I took the tea through they invited me to join them for tea and watch the the 10 best hymns with them,I politely declined but it was nice of them to ask.
Matthew has been out at the Hill Top end of season soiree.
Pouring down again and really dark,we have a room free tonight so I will have to take the no vacancies board down if the rain eases.
No teas today, we have officially finished till Easter, weather permitting, me and Helen will be able to get some long walks in.
It's Matthews last day at Hill Top and I think all the staff are going to the Tower for a drink after work.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

We finished teas at about 3pm, I am not sure we had much left so that was that for the season, we will not be open tomorrow, we have a busy day bed & breakfast wise.
At last Liverpool got a win by more than two goals, I hope they can carry on in the same vein.
We had a visit from a couple of our New Year regulars David & Betty who now live in Grange but still make the long journey at New Year(about 1/2 hour I think)They were with their Grandaughter.
This is David on New Years Eve last year taking part in the orange game, rules on request, but a good laugh was had by all.

The clocks go back tonight, I hope all the guests remember, or there be will be some up an hour early for breakfast.
Last guests did not arrive until after 11pm last night,I waited in the pub, someone has to do it.
The village is quiet this morning, a few of the holiday cottages where packing up and leaving first thing.
The first Mountain Goat bus has just pulled up in front of the pub, I guess that will finish tomorrow.
Liverpool v West Ham this afternoon, we must be able to win that one!

Friday, October 28, 2005

A dreary day but still warm, I had to go down to Hawkshead for the mushrooms I forgot to order, it seemed quite busy down there. While getting some stamps from the Post Office I witnessed the Hawkshead First Responders spring into action,apparently a lady had collapsed in the Red Lion.
Some long standing guests Matthew, Sally and new baby Lucy have arrived this evening all the way from Norwich, an 8 hour drive.
I am just waiting for the couple from N.Ireland to arrive, I am washed and changed and ready to go to the Tower for a couple of pints, so I hope they are no later than 10pm. Usually you can set your clock by their arrival time.
Matthew and Helen are meeting me in the pub, or calling in to Buckle Yeat on their way up.
A big change this morning, both in the weather and the guests, just the one family stay and we have a full intake tonight. One couple are on their way from N. Ireland so I hope the wind eases for the crossing. They are due at about 10pm so a long Friday ahead.
Matthew got the job at Hawkshead so finishes at Hill Top on Sunday and starts the new job Monday. He needs the cash to go on his 6 month trip to South America in the new year.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I took these shots on the way to work, in the early hours of the morning, well about 7.45am.

The colours are stunning and I am not sure the photos can do justice to them.

We set off to the ferry and the timing was perfect we just drove straight on, not before Helen took this shot of the launch with the island in the background.

On the way back the ferry queue back to Bowness was as long as I have ever seen it I am glad we were going the other way.
What a fantastic day, wall to wall sunshine and really warm, you could be on the Costa del Sol.
After Kendal we went a walk up to the Moss Eccles.

A sunny bright start to the day and unseasonably warm.
Nobody leaves this morning so we should be able to get away a bit sooner for the dreaded shop, Kendal again I think, we will not need a great deal today.
Matthew is working today at Hill Top, they are usually closed today but it being half term they are open today and tomorrow, I think they close for the season on Sunday night.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The tea rooms where not as busy as expected, it is the last full day of the season, we will open for morning coffees on Saturday & Sunday and then that will be it till easter.
The "incident" in Windermere turned out to be a drug raid at the grocery wholesale wharehouse, sources close to the company (the van driver) told us that police had followed a lorry from Spain with a dodgy load and then pounced when it was being unloaded.

This is a shot of Peter from the Midlands, a staunch Wolves fan who arrived today with his wife Linda, she refused to be in the picture. They are regulars customers who stay a few times a year.
The papers where late this morning, Windermere gridlocked apparently, the grocery wholesale people tell me there is an"incident" on College Rd and the police have closed the road but are not saying why.
A windy night which has fetched a lot of leaves down, good old Denis is busy sweeping them up.
Just a couple of room changes today, and the two couples who are arriving are regulars.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Heavy showers all day but better than yesterday, really busy in spells in the tea rooms, lots of big groups.
Matthew went for his interview and they will ring him on Thursday, I think they want someone longer term and he is off to South America in January.
We watched Liverpool again, we must be mad, they were bad and lost to Crystal Palace in the Carling Cup 2-1.
I will go up to Buckle Yeat and sort out the lights and check everybody is in.
A lot better morning with a little bit of blue sky, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
Denis and Margaret are of to Morecambe market to see Tommy the plant man and get some wallflowers.
After yesterdays rain it seems all the roads are clear and suprisingly the ferry is running.

This the Hill Top ticket office waiting area
Matthew took this one of his current place of employment ie the afore mentioned ticket office, his contract finishes at the weekend and he has an appointment in Hawkshead tonight about a job in a shop down there.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Floods everywhere today, but we can take a bit of rain.
In between the showers Mrs Wilson managed to get her tree planted in the churchyard, a silver birch I think.
We gave teas a miss today, the village was very quiet due to the damp conditions.
This is a shot across the fields to the old vicarage, Wilfin Beck had overflowed and run down towards Post Office Meadow, it was amazing how soon after the rain stopped the floods went down.
Sky + arrived at home today so we took the old video up to Denis & Margarets, what a job setting it up I hate technology, on the other hand Sky+ is amazing.
It has rained all night and at the moment it is torrential.
We do get a bit of rain in the lakes but this morning it is awful.
I have just been on the phone reporting a blocked road drain, the needed so much info I thought they were goint to ask for my blood group. I will be amazed if they respond, it is the 3rd or 4th time I have reported it.
It is one of the busiest weeks of the year so there will be a few wet souls about today.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A busy coffee time and then really quiet, we stayed open all day though, it being half term.
The weather was not as bad as forecast but the clouds never cleared all day till about 4pm and then only for a brief spell.
I never got time to watch any footy but there was some great games today with plenty of goals.

The bird bath was in big demand and I tried to get a pic of this blackbird having a splash.
A full house again tonight and everybody has stayed with us before.
I'm afraid it's another wet start, we have a lounge full of guests deciding what to do today.
Bill and Jill along with Holly the dog leave today after their 8 night stay.
All the holiday cottages and self catering flats look to be full so we are expecting a bit of an onslaught in the tea rooms so I better get moving.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Football was rubbish today so we went a walk down to the lake after work. We cut through the farm holiday flats and had a talk with Gary who was waiting for his new guests to arrive to the flats. This first shot is across towards the Hawkshead trout farm, there was one or two boats out fishing and even a guy in one of those fishing rings, it's a bit like a life belt with leggings and you sit in it and away you go, it looks a bit dangerous for me and I am sure there is a technical name for it.

There was a vivid green algae around the lake shore, I have seen it before but not as bad as this. There are various theories for what causes it. I'm not sure if it has any detrimental effects on the fish or the fishing but it does not look pretty.

Lights out time so I will just go up to Buckle Yeat and switch them off, and lock up, and then bed.
It's a better morning, a bit cloudy but at least it's dry.
Half term starts this week and it should be busy with teas.
Barney the dog is going beserk when the grandfather clock in the lounge strikes, there is no stopping him till the chiming stops.
A regular visitor Mrs Wilson arrives today all the way from Southampton, she has sadly lost her husband and is coming to plant a tree in the church yard in memory of him.

Friday, October 21, 2005

A busy day one way or another, I managed to finish the VAT returns ( not paying till next week). Peter the plumber arrived mid VAT and sorted out the central heating glitch.
It rained on and off all day and not a great forecast for the weekend.
The leaves seem to be slow in changing colour and one night the wind will blow and they will all be gone. In the Westmorland Gazette I saw a telephone hotline to tell you where the best colours are at any time (01768778469) or Give it a go.
Everybody arrived by teatime which is good for a Friday night.
A full house this morning, ie. 13 breakfasts, good job we are not superstitious.
The weather is awful, the phrase cats & dogs comes to mind.
Denis & Margaret are off to Kendal, the hairdresser awaits, that's for Margaret not Denis.
I will have to knuckle down and get my VAT returns sorted out today, it all has to be done and dusted by the end off the month, I think it will be busy with teas next week, half term for most schools and the final week of Hill Top, so today is the kind day for sitting in front of the computer and entering all the figures.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

We got away to Kendal for the big shop, called in at Alan's and then had lunch at Artisan.
It has stayed dry most of the day but looks like rain now. In fact it is pouring down as I write this. Nick and Gail from Middlesborough along with Barney, my kind of dog small and friendly.
Me and Helen are going to nip in to the Tower for a swift half or two. Matthew is off to give his Uncle Alan a game of squash and then out for a drink in Ulverston.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As expected it was busy this morning but went quiet in the afternoon, so just after 2pm we got finished and cleaned up. Everybody arrived by about 6pm so we headed home for tea.

I had to go to Hawkshead for some condensed milk for the caramel shortbread and took these pictures, one is Hawkshead St Michaels & All Angels Church and the other is taken from the steps up to the church back across the village towards Latterbarrow.
After tea we watched the footy, a good, if not nervy win for Liverpool.
It was a dry day but we have had a few heavy showers tonight.
Torrential rain overnight but it has stopped now. The clouds are breaking up and the forecast is not bad.
Paul has been with his tractor and trailer so we have got rid of the trees off the car park, there was more than we realised.
No vacancies tonight we have 5 rooms to check in.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We managed to get in all the geraniums as planned; I went home and sorted out our garden wall. We are still waiting to get rid of yesterdays work, it will have to happen tomorrow because we have a full house, more to the point a full car park.
Matthew had a good day at work; he recruited a life membership for the National Trust.
Denis is not happy, he is a Ken Clark fan and definitely not a David Cameron fan.
Geranium clear out today, we will dig out all the geraniums from the wall top and various tubs and troughs , pot them up, and into the greenhouse they go for the winter.
It's a bit cooler this morning but dry.
It's a quiet village this morning, I think we might try a few coffees and then close the tearooms this afternoon.

Monday, October 17, 2005

A busy day in the garden, we stripped out the front garden, lifting the dahlias and trying to clear out the ground elder. Then we took down all the hanging baskets, pulled out the dead flowers, cut back the begonias and put the baskets in the greenhouse.
While in the gardening mode we had a massive cut back in Denis & Margarets garden, Paul from the farm up the lane is bringing a tractor and trailer and we will take it to the kids bonfire down the dub.
We let a double and a single, so seven for breakfast in the morning, not bad considering what we had.

I took this picture on the way to work this morning, it is the lane down towards Pigling Bland corner.
All change this morning, only one couple stay, and a few rooms empty tonight. I have rang the tourist board and await their call.
Me and Denis are going to strip the garden out ready for the winter. He has started and has had his picture taken already by the Japanese.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Two rooms free and and two rooms let, result! full house again, my favorite scenario.
Matthew got back in time for tea, shock horror.
Checked in a Norwegian couple this evening, we have not had a lot of Norwegians stay before and they seem a very nice couple.
I watched some of the snooker but it was a bit of a one horse race with Higgins beating O'Sullivan.

These are a couple of Denis's pictures,one of Moss Eccles and one over Esthwaite Water towards Coniston Old Man
Sawrey is busy today, lots of walkers and day trippers,suprising what a little sunshine does.
Matthew should be on his way back from Durham today, not sure what time he is due back but I bet it will be in time for tea.
We had a visit today from my cousin Kenneth and his new wife Dianne, it was nice to see them, not forgetting Henry the dog.

Denis took this shot of Amy's hens, our supplier of free range eggs.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Quite a good day, weather and trade wise,a couple of regulars Bill & Gill and their lovely dog Holly arrived today. They are here for just over the week and are great fun and like a joke.
Tried to keep an eye on the football, Liverpool scraped a win, glad of the 3 points.
Anderlecht next on Wednesday.
When we finished we went a walk on the Moss Eccles round trip.

This is the permissive path around Moss Eccles

Pasta with salmon & prawns for tea and nice bottle of white wine, very nice.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The sun refused to shine and it was a lot colder today but I managed to cut the grass using the strimmer.

Matthew went up to Durham for the weekend to meet up with a few friends from university

All the guests arrived by 7pm so home for tea, no walk today, will have to make up for it tomorrow
A cold night and misty morning, the sun is trying to break through.
I will try and cut the grass this afternoon if the ground dries up a bit, the last cut of the year I think.

This is the classic shot of The Tower bank Arms porch, still no news on who the new tenants are going to be, I don't think there has been the interest the agents expected.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It was a glorious autumn day with plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.
As planned we headed for Ulverston where we parked up and walked the length of Ulverston canal, the shortest, widest and deepest in the country. There is plans to redevelop the canal side with apartments, restaurants etc.
We had a sandwich at the Bay Horse which is situated a the the foot of the canal right on the shoreline of Morecambe bay.

This is the viaduct at the northern reaches of the bay with a train going across it on it's way to the west coast main line

Ulverston canal on a sunny afternoon

The Lakeland fells taken from the shore of Morecambe Bay.

After our lunch we headed back up the canal and into the supermarket for the weekly shop then home to unload.
The last guests arrived just after dark.
A wonderful sunny morning, shopping day again, I think we are going to Ulverston today for a change.
The last of the Jockeys leave this morning, we have had an invite to Middleham from one couple who said they will show us round some racing stables.

A couple of our New Year guests Anne & Walt (aka another malt Walt) are here and he is keen on racing so they have been recounting some bets lost and won with Joe and Alan the ex jockeys.

Hill Top sheep on the move

The big Sycamore between the villages just turning red, it will be impressive in a few days with a bit of sunshine on it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The rain stopped and it was not such a bad day,had a couple of trips down to Hawkshead, it seemed very quiet down there.
Denis & Margaret went out for the day to see some relations, we managed to go for a good walk this afternoon.

This is Wilfin beck in full spate.

Down the dub the pheasants are just about tame,I think the shoot starts soon.

The autumn tints are really starting to show and with a little sunshine they are going to to be spectacular.
Watching the football with Matthew, England 1 Poland 1 Crouch has just come on to get the winner (hopefully)
Heavy rain over night and the people in Carlisle have had another dousing, also flooding in the west of the county.
We have no changes in the guesthouse today,I think the tearoom will be quite today so we might abandon ship and go a walk later, weather permitting.
A trip to Hawkshead is planned this morning, we need a few things from the co-op and a couple of guests would like a lift down.

Yet more fungi, it seems to be everywhere this year.

Part of Wise Een Tarn up on Claife Heights.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All guests present and correct and the tearooms very quiet so we closed and Helen & I went for a walk up to the tarns.

This is the gate at Buckle Yeat this morning, it did stop raining.

Some fat lambs in the rain, they seem to pose for their photos.

This is a disused quarry on the way back down from Moss Eccles, now outbuildings for the farm further down the lane.
When we got back we got changed and went for a drink with some guests, they were booked by The Injured Jockey fund, which seems a wonderful organisation whose patrons include The Princess Royal and Lord & Lady Oaksey. These guests were really interesting,the guy was from Southern Ireland and had been a jump jockey years ago. He had some wonderful tales to tell, all in a rich Irish accent.
Then back home for tea, it's pouring down again!
Pouring down this morning,I wonder what our guests will be doing today.
Derek and Vicky left this morning, they have a long drive south,hopefully the weather will improve as they get further down the country.
Rain is now torrential and the village is deserted, we have put the tea board out but for how long I am not sure.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Gloomy day all day.
Quiet start to the tea room day so I got out the power washer and cleared the steps up to Denis & Margarets, also the front path at Buckle Yeat.
Took the power washer home and cleaned the flagstones at home, by the time I got back to Buckle Yeat it was really busy.
We got finished and then the heavens opened,so again no walk.
Alan, my brother is in Spain for a few days so I'm afraid the rain has arrived out there as well.
We are invited out for a drink tomorrow with one of the Injured Jockey group, he is and ex jump jockey from Ireland who now lives in Shropshire, a real character.

A calm but cloudy morning,I have just come back in after taking a couple of guests down to the ferry, they are off to spend the day in Windermere and will ring when they get back to this side of the Lake.
No vacancies tonight, just two rooms to arrive.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The sun refused to shine and it was cooler than it has been lately.
Everybody present and correct by about 6pm so home for tea, by then it was going dark so no walk tonight.

I took this picture in Post Office Meadow this morning.

Vicky's birthday today and these are a couple of pictures of her with her presents.

This a plant Denis & Margaret bought for Vicky

Vicky opening one of her presents.

There seems to be big email problems today so hopefully it will be sorted before tomorrow.

The foursome from the Injured Jockey Fund are real characters and I am sure they are going to enjoy their stay.
A showery start to the day.
Vicky's birthday this morning so a few cards and present's about.
A full house tonight, some more from the injured jockey fund check in today, I believe a couple are without transport so we are hoping for some dry days.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

No departures today,and only the single was free tonight but that was taken late on. A full house.
A quite day in the village but the weather was not as bad as the forecast.
This afternoon I fixed a new light at the bottom of the steps up to Denis & Margarets,It will make it much easier negotiating the steps after dark.
We watched the World cup game between England & Austria, a poor performance but a least England won despite David Beckham being the first England captain ever to be sent off, a bit harsh I think.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I had a nice comment on the blog from a lady in America, it's nice to know someone is looking.
Me & Matthew spent the afternoon making new breakfast menus, him doing the computer bit and me with the laminating machine.
Everyone arrived before 8pm which was a suprise because there was heavy traffic on the M6.
We have a house full of people who have been before, which is good.

I had to go down to Hawkshead this afternoon for a new bill book and took this picture
of a lone fisherman in the gloom on Estwhaite.
The jockey party left this morning, they were really nice people, the only drawback was some of them smoked like the proverbial chimney. So today is the day Buckle Yeat goes totally a non smoking establishment, I have bought the sign and Helen has put the ash trays away for good.

Mark & Carole who left the other day sent this picture of Denis, they provided the wine and very kind of them it was.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well the weather forecasters let us down, it has been dreary all day.
Kendal was a bit brighter but not much.
Philip from the Tower Bank was telling Denis they had some more viewers today, might pop in when they open and see what's happening.
When we arrived back home two stunning floral arrangements had arrived courtesy of Derek & Vicky, they do it every visit although we tell them not to.
A grey start but the sun will shine, I promised the guests at breakfast.
Kendal today for the big shop.

This is one of the Japanese artists yesterday, not sure if he was painting or trying to commit Hari Kari

Last nights boats on Windermere

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A really stunning sunny day, the Japanese artists where about all day, I went and had a word with them and some of their paintings were very good, when I said I was from Buckle Yeat they started taking pictures of me,(ah fame).
Finshed quite early and we all went a walk, Matthew Helen & Me, we walked down the Dub and through to Cunsey, then along the shore of Windermere,back up towards the church and then back home, about 2 hours.

Helen took this picture from a viewing point on the shore of Windermere.

A couple of swans feeding on Windermere

We came across these fungi on the footpath from the bottom of Can Brow through to Low Cunsey.

This is a plaque situated as the text suggests on the shores of Windermere, e-mails please if you know where.