Near Sawrey

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday morning we awoke to a sharp frost but it soon warmed up.
We had a full house for breakfast and some departing guests, when the new arrivals checked in we had a walk down the dub and round by the church.

This tree stump is by Wilfin Beck, no wonder it blew down.

This is the Sawrey Hotel in Far Sawrey taken from the side of Wilfin Beck

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We have had a good week, the continental drift continues, we had a family of four Spaniards turn up looking for accommodation, the good old euro factor helps again.
Saturdays weather has been OK, the forecast was poor, tomorrow looks good and they say warmer as the week goes by.
Helen was reading about a survey on owls, the tawny owl has been usurped as the most numerous by the teat owl, apparently found in most kitchens.

When we showed in the last guests we had a quick walk, the light was fantastic and I took these pictures up at the tarns.

Clocks go forward tonight 1 hour.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was on taxi duty yesterday and today, we had a family of 4 Japanese guests arrive and they had no car, they managed to get as far as crossing the ferry and then rang me and I picked them up. Today they booked on a Supertours trip, they joined the tour at the first stop which was right next door at Hill Top and then had a very full day out before being dropped off at the ferry and then they crossed the lake on the ferry rang me and again I picked them up and brought them back to Buckle Yeat, they said they had had a great day out.

These pictures were taken today when we had a stroll up to Moss Eccles.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How about this for an unusual picture of Buckle Yeat, it is a scale model of the cottage made and marketed a few years ago by Lilliput Lane, I found this image on a site devoted to the Lilliput models in the village, not to sure about "Sawrey Gill"
Check it out by clicking the Lilliput link on the right.

It was dentist day today, we both had to go and the time of our appointment was Chinese dentist time 2-30 (get it}.

I was on the phone to the web designer Dave this morning just tweaking the site when I noticed where he had placed the "free parking for all our guests" text, its all fine till you go to the bottom of the "How to find us" link and see the unusual car park!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Denis, Margaret and Matthew and Sarah all got home safe and well yesterday, they enjoyed their respective holidays.
Ted and Margaret two of the New Year gang went home today, Ted was competing in a cycle race at Levens on Saturday.
Last night was wild and wet and we had heaps of leaves to sweep up at Buckle Yeat this morning.
We had a couple of Swiss gents check in today for one night, that's Swiss, Portuguese and French over the last week or so, maybe the Pound/Euro rate is working in our favour.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The fantastic weather continues into the weekend with warm sunshine and cloudless skies.
We have had the joiners in at both Buckle Yeat and at home replacing double glazing units and making repairs to our conservatory.

Tomorrow Matthew and Sarah return from holiday in Morocco.

Denis and Margaret fly back into Liverpool from Spain, I will drive down to John Lennon airport to pick up them up.

Post Office Meadow, car park!!!!! surely not.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A stunning sunny day so after we finished breakfast we headed off to Blea Tarn parked up and set off for a good walk.

These three pictures are of Blea Tarn with the Langdale Pikes in the background.

These herdwick sheep are wondering what we crazy walkers are up to.

Slaters Bridge.

The spoil from the the slate quarrying of years gone by.

Langdale Tarn

When we got back to Buckle Yeat we gave the grass a first cut and then we spent an hour weeding the front garden.
All guests arrived and so we had a pint of Guiness in the Tower Bank to celebrate St Patricks day before heading home for tea

Monday, March 16, 2009

A busy day, we served breakfast and then we set to and got out the painting gear and painted the ceiling and walls in the kitchen at Buckle Yeat, we made an early start so all finished and cleaned up by mid afternoon, the weather was fair so we had a walk up to Moss Eccles and then back into the village.

I had a chat with John the National Trust manager this morning, we had heard that plans are afoot to use Post Office meadow as a car park on certain days in the summer, such a move is surely a wrong one, who wants to see a field full of cars in the middle of a picturesque village, we at Buckle Yeat are not to keen on the idea.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday was cold and cloudy but it did keep dry despite what the weathermen predicted.

We picked up a couple of French guests for 3 nights, the general consensus of opinion is we will attract more continental visitors to our shores because of the weak pound,we will see.

It was our sister in law Margaret's birthday this weekend, its not the done thing to reveal a ladies age, but we were invited to her 50th party (oops)and a good afternoon it was, we shared the driving, I drove there and Helen drove back.

I have resisted mentioning football this season but after the last two games, thrashing the famous Real Madrid 4-0 and beat the equally famous Man Utd 4-1 thanks to 4 lucky breakaway goals according to Mr Ferguson, I thought I would like to congratulate the Reds.
Today it has been a spring like sunny day and the forecast for the rest of the week is excellent.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A real mixed bag on the weather front this week, Tuesday fantastic, Wednesday awful and a bit of both today.
We have some of our regulars in this week, Derek & Vicky from Luton, two of the New Year gang Ann & Walt and a couple from the Nort-East celebrating an anniversary as they do every year at Buckle Yeat.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Rain, hail, wind and a little sunshine, we have had the lot this weekend.

We had a couple of guests who arrived on Saturday, they were using that wonderful tool sat-nav, the only trouble is it got them to the ferry, the ferry was off so it guided them round the lake and when they reached Far Sawrey it said "you have reached your destination" they then resorted to plan B use the mobile phone to ring us up asking how to find us!!
Technology is great it makes everything so much easier how did we manage without it!!

Friday, March 06, 2009

A cold misty morning, winter is back.
We had a few jobs to do today with our single room, we have replaced the television with a flat screen one and relocated it onto a different wall, these jobs seem simple but nothing ever is, anyway it is all done.
Delays on the M6 we have just had a call from some guests stuck in slow moving traffic near Lancaster.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A drop in temperature this week and a dusting of snow on the tops.
A quiet time in the village, we have guests arriving tomorrow.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

At last a break in the clouds and a rare opportunity to take a couple of pictures, I have said before I do not like taking pictures on gloomy cloudy days.

We had a busy weekend with quite a number of last minute bookings, lots of new faces and although we like seeing our regulars we do need to see new customers.

When we had finished at Buckle Yeat we had a quick walk up to Moss Eccles and took these two sunny pictures of Esthwaite Water.