Near Sawrey

Friday, September 30, 2005

The day never improved and we had a succsession of heavy showers.
The coffee morning and bring and buy at the Tower Bank was well attended,
Dorothy informs me they raised £689, a really great effort.

This is a group of villagers at the coffee morning

Dorothy serving at the bring and buy stall

It was a stunning sunset

Further to last nights breaking news with reference to the Beatrix Potter film, Denis said this morning Renee Tailwagger is going to star in the film.
A dreary morning, misty rain and low clouds, all the cars coming off the ferry have their headlights on.
Dorothy from the Tower Bank Arms is organising a coffee morning today, money raised to the MaCmillan Nurses charity, Helen and Margaret will be calling in later. Quite a few locals are on their way up as I write this.
Just the one room to let today, should not be a problem, then again the weather won't help.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The rain cleared and it stayed dry until dark, we got back quite early from Kendal and showed Mark & Carole some pictures from Matthews graduation.
Matthew is in Ulverston tonight having played squash with Alan, they will be hitting the hot spots of town tonight.
Me and Helen went for a drink to the Tower Bank with Mark and Carole, it was good to see Phillip back behind the bar.

Hot news flash, it has been reported that Renee Zelwegger and Ewan Macgregor are to star in a feature film about the life and times of Beatrix Potter.
Sources close to the couple said filming was due to start in March and they are looking forward to staying at Buckle Yeat. ( I write it and I can write what I want)
A bright start but again the rain is here.
Off to Kendal today for supplies, Helen is going to the Hairdressers so I will be doing Morrissons solo.
No comings and going at Buckle Yeat, a nice change.
Someones on the phone booking Teas and Coffees for 36 people on a Monday next May,that's being prepared for you.

I am going to try and fill the log bin in between the showers and then try to get away.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

An awful day weather wise, non stop downpours. A busy morning and then it went really quiet. No chance of a walk tonight so had to settle for a night in,footy was a tense close match and I think Chelsea were quiet happy with a draw, well is Jose happy with anything.
Took this picture from the clogging shop door, no chance of getting outdoors, been soaked two or three times today

Matthew has been to the Doctors tonight for another of his jabs,all ready for his South America trip in the New Year.
On the way to work today I saw this really heavy shower sweeping up the Lake, you will have to imagine what it looked like, as I got my camera out the shower hit and I had to run for it and got wet through, (I hate commuting).
Mark & Carole some regular visitors/friends from Purley have arrived this morning, Mark has reserved a slot on the blog for the brown trout he is going to catch from Moss Eccles.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It turned out a really sunny day with no rain after the poor start.
We were expecting the dreaded tourist board inspector who was coming to tell us how to run our business, she changed her appointment and then 1 hour after she was due to arrive she rang to say she would have to cancel. She is going to tell us how to operate!!!!

This is the Hawkshead Youth Hostel, across on the other side of Esthwaite Water taken from up Coopers Lane,not the disused farm building in the foreground.

Me Helen and Matthew went a walk up to Moss Eccles and took these pictures across the tarn.
Apparently the hotel inspector is coming tomorrow, great!
What a morning it's pouring with rain a blowing a hooley.
It seemed a really busy breakfast this morning,but it all went off like clockwork, it must be the practice.
Not sure what the guests have planned today, I think a few wet weather contingency plans will come into play today.
The rain is even heavier now.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Made a start on the clematis cutting job, under strict instructions from Denis (I took no notice ), all he kept saying was "that's it". The clematis is called Montana, aka " mile a minute" and I know why.

This is" Benji the bar fly" from the Tower bank Arms, he is sitting on his chair looking at the comings and goings in the village, a bit of a character is Benji.

I refilled the bird feeders this week and the birds soon found them, Greenfinches, Sparrows, Blue Tits,, and this is a picture of a Nuthatch, we sometimes will get a Woodpecker visiting.

After work we where just getting ready for a walk and the heavens opened, so we had to give it a miss, better luck tomorrow.
Overcast but warm this morning, no one checks out today and just the one room to arrive.
It's viewing day at the Tower Bank Arms this afternoon, an interesting day to be had by all.
Denis and I are going to give the clematis a bit of a prune on the front of Buckle Yeat before it takes over. It's stunning in Summer but a pest in the Winter.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Money to money, Denis wins the bonus ball, £25 in pocket.

A showery day, and as soon as anyone sat outside the heavens opened,some people would not be forced inside, these teachers with Duke of Edinburgh group would not be seen to be wimps.

Before tea we went a walk to the lake, these ducks where convinced we had bread for them.

A picture taken towards Hawkshead from the Sawrey end of Esthwaite Water.

Phillip from the Tower bank Arms arrived back home today after his knee operation, not seen him yet but but maybe tomorrow.
Sunny again this morning and a bit warmer ( some impending arrivals will be pleased)
Torrential rain overnight.
You can tell Denis is back, tea signs out, tables in the garden set up, and still only 9:45.
Sods law yesterday, we where quiet so watched 1st half of Liverpool game, rubbish no goals, then we get busy unable to watch 2nd half, 4 goals excitement all the way.
Not sure what today will bring,but better get a move on.
One room to let tonight but full tomorrow, a 6 party celebrating a Golden wedding checked out this morning, little gold 50s everywhere.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chilly morning, at 8am the temperature was just 2 degrees C. I guess there had been a ground frost over night.
Tea rooms open again today but I think it will be quiet, Liverpool play Birmingham later this morning so will try and catch a bit of that,some Liverpool goals would be good.
Matthew has just gone to work next door at ticket office and sometimes at weekends he has to do a stint in the gift shop.
Two guests due today and they have no car so a trip to the ferry to pick them up is arranged.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The weather improved and the rain eased.
We set of to Kendal across the ferry, and whilst waiting in ferry queue the cross lake shuttle boat docked, this boat shuttles between the ferry port and Bowness Bay.

After having a haircut we headed back and stopped at the Drunken Duck and tried a pint of their "Lakeland Gold" They brew a few different beers on site, quite a nice pint but hey I'm no expert.
On the way back took this picture of Hawkshead brewery another micro brewery in the neighborhood, amongst their products are" Hawkshead Best Best Bitter" and "Hawkshead Gold" and " Brodies Prime"

We let the vacant room to a couple of Aussies for the weekend.
A dark dreary morning first thing, you can tell the days not good when the security light comes on when you arrive at work.
The forecast is supposed to be better for later.
We are off to Kendal today I need a haircut and we need a to top up on supplies.
One room free tonight (a late cancellation) we should be able to re-let at weekend.

This is "The Yellow Submarine" washed up on the concourse at Liverpool Airport

Thursday, September 22, 2005

No pics tonight we seem to have a server glich, sounds technical I'm not sure what it means.
I picked Denis & Margaret up from the John Lennon (above us only sky) Liverpool airport, we had a good run down and back with no hold ups.
When we got back more guests birthday celebrations to contend with, eg wine cooler, champagne glasses, dish for strawberries.
We managed to get a walk up to the tarns and on the way back met Fly the over friendly farm dog that deposited muck all over my t -shirt, Louise the little girl from Belle Green farm was delighted to tell me her dog Fly had been "paddling in dog poo" nice.
It was a really fantastic September day with warm temperatures and light winds, better than June in fact.
Not such a busy breakfast this morning,although it was one ladies birthday and her husband had brought along a cake complete with candles, I had to deliver it whilst singing Happy Birthday.(I left the singing to the other guests)
Hill Top car park is out of use for a couple of days while they resurface it,so if it gets busy there will be cars all over the village.
I am off to Liverpool airport in a few minutes to pick up the in-laws on their return from Spain.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Its turning into a bit of quiet week, which is suprising because the weather is stunning.
The trees are just starting to change colour especially the Horse Chestnut, I read somewhere that the autumn tints are going to be fantastic this year,we will see.
A few guests arriving today, one couple from USA who have stayed before, I think the lady is doing an art workshop at Grasmere.
Two more couples arrive for a week stay, one couple are regular visitors and the others are on a recommendation from friends who stay with us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We are back, took a day out and left Matthew in charge of operations,had a really nice day at Bolton Abbey near Skipton,about an hour away. We had a long walk up the footpath that runs along the Wharfe, then up a footpath that led us up the "Valley of Desolation" I think the dry weather had diminshed the feeling of desolation but we took a couple pictures of the waterfalls.

This a picture of Bolton Abbey from the other side of the Wharfe.

I rang Denis and Margaret in Spain tonight and they are both well and have had a day with their grandaughter Rachel and her auntie Nancy who are out for a couple of days.
Nothing on the box tonight so we are into the Daily Telegraph Sudoku ( I struggle to say it never mind solve it)

Monday, September 19, 2005

New blogger for this evening (Matthew) - I didn't want the fans to miss out on their daily fix! I'm afraid i've got no photos to post because i've been at work all day and its really dark and miserable outside. I was asked at work today if there was "a straighter road back to Ambleside". Couldn't help but chuckle a little! It was a really quiet day, not helped by the ferry being out of action again. More maintenance I believe. Just finished my tea, a Durham classic of Chicken Kiev and oven chips. Heard from the grandparents as well, they are still having good weather apparently. It is Coniston water festival at the moment. Events include talks about Bluebird and the Gondola. I had better stop now in case I get lumped with this job every day.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A mass exodus this morning on the B&B front so busy busy busy.
Matthew rang last night from Peterborough, he gets home later tonight.
I spoke to Denis on the phone this morning, think I woke him up, he was on the veranda taking in the Spanish sun, what a drag.
Football today Liverpool v Man Utd I have a feeling a certain Mr Rooney might make the headlines one way or another.
Its a bit grey this morning and a little warmer, try to get a walk later maybe.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Esthwaite Farm Holiday flats in the early morning mist

Sawrey marrow show gets under way in the Braithwaite Hall, the competition is intense as the first marrows are weighed.

These are the exhibits competing for the heaviest marrow title, there are also many other classes such as best looking and best matching pair.

This is the first prize winner in the local vegetable class entered by Alan S. from Cunsey.

The winner of the heaviest marrow was Chris S. from Far Sawrey with a monster in excess of 70lbs.
He is pictured here with a marrow that was used in the guess the weight game won by Peter G. from Cunsey, the correct weight was 74lbs and this was also grown by Chris S.

The show was a great success and over £200 was raised for St Peters Church.
After the show most retired to The Sawrey Hotel Claife Crier bar for a couple of drinks and debate the finer points of the marrow growing tactics. A most enjoyable Saturday afternoon.
A bright start after a misty morning but now the clouds are building up and we may be in for some rain.
No one leaves this morning which is a bit unusual.
One or two Beatrix Potter fans wandering around the village looking for Hill Top already.
Sawrey Stores closed for business this week, so the papers now come from Hawkshead via the school bus on school days, and other days, Tony from Hawkshead Post Office drops them at the pub on his way back home for breakfast. It seems to work.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Esthwaite Water early this morning.

The early morning sun through the trees in Sawrey House garden.

A dry sunny day although cooler.
Managed to get the grass cut this afternoon,the phone has been red hot wanting Saturday night, Saturdays are always busy but what's on tomorrow I'm not sure, could it be the Sawrey Marrow show, pics tomorrow.
All guests present and correct so we went to the Tower Bank for a drink early doors and it was quite busy.
Bright and sunny this morning with a cool breeze.
Big change over day with only one room staying.
Heard from Denis & Margaret via a text message yesterday, boy their first week has flown by. They say the weather is still good in Andalusia, they move to the coast tomorrow for 5 days then home.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quick trip to the shops and dropped Matthew off at the station,and after getting the new tyres and the diesel(what fuel crisis)straight back home. It never stopped raining all day so we never got out for a a walk.

We had a room free tonight but let it on the phone to a nice couple who rang from Sedburgh,(school visit maybe).

On the way back saw a red squirrel running across the road at the top of can brow.

This is the wet crossing over Windermere

The sky this evening
A horrible wet morning what a change from yesterday.
No teas today so off to Kendal, taking Matthew to Oxenholme station, he is off to Peterborough for a couple of days, staying at Sarah's.
I also intend to buy a couple of new tyres and hopefully fill up with diesel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

No one called for the vacant rooms so a few less for breakfast in the morning.
The fuel "crisis" seems to be a bit of media hype,hopefully.
Poor old Freddie Flintoff, he's getting some stick now, give the lad a break.

This is a shot up towards Belle Green farm.

The road between Ambleside and Hawkshead is closed and diversions are in place, and the offical one takes you to Coniston, a bit of a trek if you are not familar with other routes.
A blustery day but still warm. Guests from Jerusalem, and South Africa checked out this morning and we have a couple of rooms to let.Morning coffee trade has been quite brisk but we are just a bit quiet at the moment.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Busy busy day with a lot of people for teas, all inside because a bit cloudy today.
England cricket team looked wrecked on TV, how long before the press are at them.
Peter the plumber got the boiler up and running,just needs setting up now.

This is the walk through Castle wood with the evidence of the winter storms still evident.

A shot looking towards Moss Eccles after going up Coopers Lane.

Watched the football after tea,started very well, a bit tense in the second half but 3 points for the European Champions will do for me.

If we had a garage close by I would try a bit of panic buying of diesel,
(everyone else is)

Monday, September 12, 2005

A another stunning day, and what a nervy afternoon on the cricket front, but it all turned out in the end.
Not much doing on the tea front so I was able to get home and wire in the new boiler, although Peter the plumber was coming up against some flue problems, all sorted now and the big fire up tomorrow.
The last guests arrived at tea time and Helen and I took a short walk to Ees Bridge and then back up to Buckle Yeat.

Sawrey House in the distance.

Pigling Bland corner.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Well I know it's boring but what about this weather, perfect, sunny in the north and bad light and showers in the south (the oval of course).
A busy day and everybody wanting to be outside in the garden.
Denis rang yesterday from sunny Spain,he and Margaret are enjoying their holiday.
Left Matthew house sitting (again) and went a walk down the dub and through the woods.

This is a new walk way recently put in over a really muddy part of the footpath,National Park Authority I think.

Helen took all these pics, I never had my glasses.
This is one Amy's hen hut, she lives at Hill Top Farm and supplies us with free range eggs, she's off to college in Carlsle soon.

Oh I took this one, towards Far Sawrey

Happy birthday Sarah,(Monday) have not got a recent picture but this is one of Sarah and Matthew in Spain earlier this year.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

A really nice day again, what a start to September, long may it last.
A waste of time on the tea front but we were not that quick getting the board out this morning.
Derek & Vicky left this morning, only 3 weeks and they are back for another 10 days,
I think they like it here.

Helen and I had to dash off to Ulverston after we finished so left Matthew house sitting.This is Hoad Monument, built in memory of Sir John Barrow a famous explorer who was born and lived in Ulverston.

On the way back stopped at the Swan Hotel for a beer and Helen took these pictures, one of the pack horse bridge, aka Newby Bridge at the foot of Windermere, and one off the bridge back up Windermere.

Still nip and tuck in the Test, what's the weather forecast tomorrow?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Looks like England might need help from the elements at the Oval.
This morning I had to nip to Kendal again, we are having a new boiler fitted at home and the new boiler missed the carrier.

It was the Westmorland Show yesterday and they had a pretty good day for it, also tonight it is the Kendal Torchlight Procession ( renamed Carnival this year)and again they have had a dry night

All guests present and correct around teatime, two couples with same surname so confusion reigns.

The end of an era? in the Gazette this morning an advert reads "Tower Bank Arms To Let" I guess it will be an interesting few months seeing who the new tenants will be.
Any bets, maybe we should start a book.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

On the way to Kendal whilst waiting in the ferry queue Helen took this picture of a shining metal boat. I think it is one used by the Freshwater Biological Association,a charity promoting freshwater science.

The building used by the FBA was once the Ferry Hotel and now has come full circle and is being converted into luxury apartments.

We left Matthew house sitting while we did the weekly shop on a warm overcast day but as I write this the rain has started.
This morning had a nice letter from a lady who was in for teas last week, she told me about a life size model of Mr McGregor she had made for a garden competition,she asked me if I would like the model to sit in Buckle Yeat, how could I say no, we will have some fun with him and the camera snapping Japanese.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

England oh England what a shambles, let's hope the cricket team do better.
Quite a busy day, and these flowers arrived via Derek & Vicky, mentioned earlier this week.

Denis & Margaret are off to Spain early tomorrow to try and reduce the European wine lake level, someone has got to do it.
Denis has bought himself a new digital camera, so we will have some contributed pictures from the maestro.

Matthew has been to the National Trust BBQ at Base Camp tonight, better weather would have been nice.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wall to wall sun with 24 degrees in the shade, a busy afternoon with a few small coaches in the village and we seem to get the people who are not going into Hill Top.

A helicopter was buzzing the village late in the afternoon, taking pictures maybe.

Before tea we went a walk up Coopers Lane and took the picture back down to Esthwaite with Ees Wyke Hotel on the left.

On the way back down Stoney Lane spotted another form of air travel, this hot air balloon with St Peters church below. If you look carefully directly below the balloon you can see a tree that is in fact a mobile phone antenna made to look like a tree, it does when you don't know the truth.

Chicken pasta bake for tea and the conclusion of last nights TV drama, spooky!
Warm and sunny again this morning, some guests up and out before breakfast,fishing on the lake.
Nobody leaves or arrives today so that makes a change.
No emails this morning, a server problem apparently.
One or two people about in the village already so I better get moving.

Monday, September 05, 2005

The day improved and was warm,not to many teas till late on, we had three Japanese girls who ordered 3 cream teas and spent a good 10 mins taking pictures and then had 2 mins to eat it and then run for the bus, I'm not sure they caught it. One Japanese lady who was staying B&B, when her breakfast came did'nt take a photograph as usual but proceeded to take out a pencil and sketch pad and started to draw it.

An early morning shot of Buckle Yeat

Some Mountain Ash(Rowan) trees near Moss Eccles

We had a curry for tea and then went for a walk to the lake, but it was very gloomy and nearly dark when we came back at about 8-30.
Watched a drama on ITV not a bad story but far to many adverts