Near Sawrey

Sunday, September 30, 2007

We were out again last night, two nights on the trot, very unusual for us.
We went to the Tower Bank Arms with Pete & Lynn who stay with us at New Year, we had nice meal and good night.
A couple of rooms free tonight and we let one to a couple from Canada late on this afternoon.

Denis & Margaret set off to Spain for a couple of weeks today and should be about there by now.

A quick walk down to the lake just as the light was fading.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The coffee morning was a great success I think they raised over £700 for the Macmillan nurse fund, we did not manage to get there so we sent some raffle prizes up with Denis & Margaret.

We did manage to get to the Braithwaite last night for the Country & Western and Hog Roast, I have to say Country & Western music is not my taste but it was a great night and of course local singing sensation George was persuaded to give the packed hall a couple of his famous renditions, I have heard George on a number of occasions and must say he never fails to entertain, well done George you are a star, it was all in a good cause with the Macmillan Nurse fund getting 90% and the Tarn Hill Trust 10%
So great work by both sets of organisers raising lots of money and providing a good village night out.

Simon Cowell will be on the phone any time soon

Thursday, September 27, 2007

We had a message from some guests last night, they have not been for a number of years due to farming ties, they live in County Down N Ireland. We always will remember them for one particular incident, during one visit they bought a grandfather clock and managed to get into their car, a bit like the opening credits on The Antique Roadshow.
It was good to hear from them and they are regular blog watchers and like all farmers take interest in the weather reports,so Mr & Mrs S. its a cold bright and breezy day here in the Lakes this morning.

Don't forget the coffee morning tomorrow morning and the Hog Roast tomorrow night, both in the Braithwaite Hall Far Sawrey.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It has been a cold dry day and so I managed to finish painting our conservatory, tonight after all our incoming guests arrived we went a walk up to Moss Eccles, the temperature has dropped considerably but cold and sunny is better than warm rain.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It was fantastic afternoon and early evening and we had a short walk round to the fish farm before teatime.

The posh part of the village.

Wastwater won Britain's favorite view but Esthwaite never got a mention!!!!

A autumnal feel to the morning with a massive rainbow over Esthwaite Water this morning, I could not get far enough away to get the full picture.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

After a wet start the day did improve although the clouds stayed with us all day.
We had a walk up Coopers lane and round Moss Eccles Tarn.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A misty murky start to the weekend, the weatherman says it should brighten up as the day progresses, we have a group who are planning to go up Scafell Pike so the visibility had better improve, I slipped up one of the party is Dave,(new year gang)he could have taken my camera with him.

We had a letter from Lynn the creator of "Mr McGregor" our fund raising scarecrow,she was asking how he was doing and how the fund raising was going, he has been indoors the last few days but is out on the bench this morning.

I noticed the other day a new dot on the visitor map and it is Pearl City on Honolulu, amazing to think someone there has found the blog, welcome whoever you are, or should that be aloha!

Next Friday the 28th September Catherine and Dot, a couple of ladies in the village are organising a coffee morning in Braithwaite Hall, it is in conjunction with the Macmillan Cancer support group, "The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning" it is on from 10.30am to 12 Noon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

We had a quick walk before the rain arrived this afternoon and popped into Hill Top garden to take a few pictures.

The party of 8 golfers seem to have had a good day and have all pitched up at the Tower for a meal, they had booked for last night but tonight have gone in in early and in shifts to make sure they got a table.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Torrential rain overnight and first thing this morning but as the day went on it dried up and made a good day. It has been a bit warmer as well, yesterday morning the temperature at 7:45am was 4 degrees and this morning it was 14 degrees.

We had an email today requesting our 4 poster with jacuzzi bath tub for one night on a Saturday, we try not to let one nights on a Saturday, oh and we don't have a 4 poster and jacuzzi bath tub either, not sure where they got our contact details.

The map on the left is filling up really well with recent visitors from Argentina, Venezuela, Kuwait, and Split in Croatia, just to name a few.

A party of 8 in tonight who will be arriving after a round of golf in Kendal as they make their way from York.

We have just got back from a quick shop at Booths in Ulverston, whilst we were in a gentleman asked the lady assistant where he could find quail eggs, she looked in vain on the fish stall, she thought they were fish eggs and she finally asked the butcher who was quite amused by her lack of knowledge and proudly informed her that a quail was not a fish it was in fact a duck!!!!! True story.

Monday, September 17, 2007

A dry day but a lot cooler than it has been lately, the village seems a bit quieter with the Potter fans, even Mr McGregor is not taking as many donations.
We had a rough count up and Denis had to get the car out to deliver another £400 to the Tarn Hill Trust committee, that's over £1200 so far this year, a big thanks to everyone who has taken a picture and popped some change in his plant pot. I guess there will be pictures all over the world.

Mr McGregor checking his online account at Northern Rock

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not a great day on the weather front, rain most of the day. This made taking any pictures a problem. I got this picture sent by the wonder of today's technology all the way from Santa Barbara California, it is the old vicarage and it was taken from outside Buckle Yeat across Post Office Meadow, it came with a request for information about the building which is that it was the Vicarage and is now privately owned and has been converted into a number of flats.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A bumper turn out at the annual Sawrey Marrow Show and a great deal of money raised for the Macmillan Nurses fund, a truly worthwhile cause.

The heaviest specimen was brought from Scotland by a long time visitor to the area,Davy, who last won the prize in 1997.

The local lady doctor was in charge of judging and it was said if she could not recognise the best pair she needed to go back to college.
There was many classes and prizes were pretty evenly distributed, although young Joe seemed to gather a lot rosettes.

Cliff proudly sporting his shield.

The afore mentioned Joe with his many awards.

Davy with his two massive entries.

Checking the results before the awards.

This is a stunning picture of the Elterwater and the Langdales which came through via an email this morning, it was taken by Derek and his wife Marjorie a couple of first time Buckle Yeat guests who stayed last week,thank-you for that and your nice comments and we hope to see you back at Buckle Yeat sometime in the future.

The Sawrey Marrow Show this afternoon, I will try and get a few pictures.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Off to Kendal for some new Egyptian Cotton sheets, where the cotton comes from seems to make a difference apparently.

The Westmoreland County Show went ahead today despite the restrictions on livestock movements due to the latest foot and mouth outbreak. Hopefully they can contain this new outbreak.

The foot ferry across to Bowness Bay from the Ferry House.
Copied below is an email I received this morning, it made my day.


I just want to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog. I check it every day. Unfortunately, we never stay at Buckle Yeat because we rent cottages in Sawrey for entire weeks. But someday we will arrive a day or two early and stay with you. I'm a long-time member of the Beatrix Potter Society and love your Mr McGregor!!!

Thank you so much for your delightful blog, Kathy

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yet another sunny morning in the lake district,September is turning out to be a great month.
We hope the weather stays good for Saturday and the Sawrey Marrow show, my feeble attempt has failed again, I think I need a new site for the plant, next year we will try a new plan of attack, anyway I'm sure it will be a great afternoon up at the Braithwaite Hall judging starts at 3pm.

These are a couple of pictures taken by some of last weeks guests John & Trudy, they came through by email last night.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Ambleside from Latterbarrow

Scafell and the Langdales