Near Sawrey

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heavy rain this morning and it made for a bit of traffic chaos in the village, a policewoman turned up and booked a couple of vehicles and that was the end of the dodgy parking for the day.
Later on the rain ceased and we had a pleasant end to the day.

A couple of pictures of Esthwaite Water taken tonight on the way to Moss Eccles.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heavy rain early and late in the day but in between it has been hot and sunny again.
We have a lady and her daughter in and the lady is from Hungary, a first for Buckle Yeat as far as we are aware.
The web site is progessing but at the moment it is just one page and that is only a draft.

This is a picture of the new Mr McGregor at his present abode in Trawden, Lancashire, he should be with us soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hot and sunny again today despite what the weather man predicts.
When I turned on the computer this morning I was surprised to see Mr McGregor and Peter Rabbit on the Google front page, but of course it would have been Beatrix Potters birthday today.

A few ambulances/doctors cars went speeding through the village this afternoon with sirens wailing, no news yet on the outcome.

A quick walk to to the shore of Esthwaite Water tonight, no sign of the Osprey but lots of different birds on the lake.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We had a couple check out yesterday and not only did they leave some things in the room, which happens a lot, they also left a case full of clothes in the lounge, they only live in Bolton and have rung up to say they will call in and pick up their belongings.

This first picture was taken at 7.45am and the picture below was taken at 11am, what a difference a couple of hours can make.

It was the Windermere Air Show this weekend and the village was quiet, we had a walk through the woods after work and took the above photos.
A fantastic sunny afternoon and on the way back from our walk we met Alan and Patricia who had spent the day at the Cumbria Steam Gathering, they had entered their vintage Ferguson tractor, (name unknown but I guess it will be Fergie) and had come away winners as the next picture proves.

The winner in all it's glory.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We went to Kendal yesterday, some of the dreaded shopping to do and we both had to visit the opticians. Much earlier in the day ie 7.30am the Japanese foursome rang with what seemed a very important need to ring Japan to obtain a document, it turned out the document was just a newspaper, all in a days work.

The Royal Windermere Yacht Club moorings.

Dave the computer guru came over today to download some photos for the new web site, the old one has gone and a temporary site is on for the time being.

A sunny start to the day, I managed to cut the grass but tonight we are in the middle of a thunder storm as I type this.

A couple checked in this afternoon with their granddaughter, they had just been driving along from the fish farm area when a large oak branch fell in front of them and blocked the road, as it happened brother-in-law Tony was on the other side and saw it fall as well, between them they moved the branch and counted their blessings it missed them all and no damage was done.

We have had a baby robin living in the garden the last few days and it is getting quite tame in fact we both had it eating out of our hands.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We had a visit yesterday from Lynn the creator of our Mr McGregor who sits out on the bench raising money for Tarn Hill playground (£2000 and counting) she tells us she has a replacement ready, the origanal is looking a bit weather beaten, any way the replacement will be here in a week or two and we will make the change over seamless.

We had a busy garden yesterday with lots of people having tea when a man arrived with a couple of dogs to join his family at one of the tables, so far so good till we noticed he was carrying and swinging a plastic bag containing what most dog owners seem to transport these days!! We could see other guest physically recoil, so in my most diplomatic way I pointed him towards the dustbin.

Our camera has given up the ghost for some reason and does everthing except take a picture, which I guess is a pretty important part of the plan.

Still cloudy today but the temperature has gone up to what we should be getting at this time of time of the year.

A Japanese foursome checked in for one night and they seemed more interested in fishing than in Beatrix Potter.
After work we called in at the TBA for a quick beer before heading home for tea.

Denis has given me the loan of his camera so these two shots of the garden this afternoon are a bit of an experiment and I think they have come out well

Monday, July 21, 2008

At last the sun has arrived and the farmers have been out cutting the grass with a purpose. We even had to get the sun shades out in the garden.

Buckle Yeat dining room with sunshine streaming in this morning.

This is Kathy and Laura from Maine in the USA they tell me they are keen watchers of the blog and did not need much persuading to pose for this picture, they have been attending the Beatrix Potter Society conference in Ambleside.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I was in trouble with the grammar police again today, apparently I put an apostrophe "s" in the wrong place, so thank you to the person who e-mailed me and took time out of what must be a busy life to tell me!

It was the first day of the school holidays today and already we have had one tantrum, a 4 year old was given a sugar bowl off the next table to play in by his parents I took the sugar bowl away and the tears flowed.

The sun finally shone late on this afternoon and we had a walk up to the tarns and back.

Friday, July 18, 2008

We had a visit from the computer man today and as of now we can offer free Wi-Fi to our guests, he also sorted out the awful fan noise our desk top computer has been making for ages. We discussed a new web site and that will be happening in the next few weeks.

It is the Beatrix Potter Society conference this week in Ambleside and we spotted Derek and Vicky in the village this afternoon so we went out and had a quick chat with them.

All incoming guests arrived early on so we had a walk to Cunsey and back.
We just got back into the village the rain arrived and it poured down, as we walked into the village Matthew rang and so we had a talk with him.

A brief glimpse of the sunshine over Esthwaite Water

Two pictures of Cunsey Beck taken off the bridge.

Another picture of Esthwaite Water through a sun shower.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A bit of excitement in the village this morning, as Denis has his car in dock he decided to walk to Far Sawrey this morning for the papers, on a bend between the 2 villages a local gentleman had somehow managed to roll his black jeep over and there was fuel all over the road, at first I thought it was the shock of seeing Denis walking on for his paper but he assures me he was not responsible. Police, Fire and Ambulance were all in attendance but the gentleman involved was up and about so hopefully no lasting damage was done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It was St Swithins day yesterday and the weather was not to bad,and it was much the same today.
We had a South African family in for teas today, I got talking to them for a couple of minutes and when they left they asked to take my picture stood with Mr McGregor, it is a bit weird that my picture will end up in a photo album belonging to complete strangers on a different continent.

Denis is having car problems so when we finished tonight I followed him to Ambleside and he left his car there at the garage, hopefully they can sort out his brakes tomorrow.

A quick walk up to Moss Eccles and back down through the farm, we had some money from selling school quiz sheets so called in and gave the cash to young Louise, her Grandma Hazel was visiting and so we had a quick chat with her, she and Joe now live up in Scotland and she tells me she keeps up with Sawrey via the blog.

Football back on the box tonight with a very young Liverpool side beating the Swiss side Lucerne in a friendly, and finally Pete, one of the New Year tribe rang and had a natter and booked a weekend in August.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to gloomy skies!
It did not seem to busy today but there was one or two aggrieved Potter pilgrims this afternoon, there was a number of coaches booked in and when they arrived Hill Top was all sold out by around 3pm and the casual punters turning up after this time could not get in.

We had a quick walk down to Esthwaite Water before tea, we met Tal with her son Martin and the two dogs.

These first 3 pictures are of the peace and calm of Esthwaite Water, all be it a bit gloomy.

The dogs really love being in the water and Martin threw the stick and I tried to get the action shot.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We woke early this morning to the sound of a helicopter going back and forth on the other side of Esthwaite Water, the mystery was solved tonight when we spoke to Jimmy next door, apparently nothing more exciting than bracken spraying.

The best part of the day was this morning and these are a couple of shots of the garden taken first thing, the garden is looking really good despite the poor conditions.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A lot better on the weather front today and most people sat outside for tea.
First thing this morning I spotted a Japanese film crew in the village and they were still about tonight as we set off up to Moss Eccles, they were filming a Japanese actress/presenter as she strolled along the lane opposite Buckle Yeat.

St Peters church in Far Sawrey from the top of stoney lane, the grass is really long and the farmers are just waiting for a dry spell and they will roll into action.

This pile of wood could be a modern art exhibit in a town.

Water lilies on Moss Eccles

We have just had a text from Matthew, he has just finished a 21 mile sponsored walk in the Peak District, it is a work organised event raising money for Africa via Water Aid.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer! what summer? the weather is rubbish, the only saving grace is it is the same all over the country.
A couple of aussie ladies checked out this morning and because they were in a rush to make an early start and we were still serving breakfast they left their credit card behind, luckily we had a mobile number which I tried to ring without much joy so I eventually sent them a text, they rang back and we made arrangements to post the card to their next port of call.

I went to Hawkshead to post the afore mentioned card and buy some free range eggs from the Honeypot, Hawkshead was looking stunning despite the the gloomy weather, hanging baskets, tubs and troughs all over the place and looking really colourful.

These are a couple of pictures of the narrow flower decked streets of Hawkshead and this one is the stream that disappears under the village.

"Bruces Barrow" outside the post office.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Buckle Yeat back in action today with guests arriving all day, just one couple left to check in as I write.
Despite all the weather warnings hear in the sunny lakes it has been quite pleasant with warm temperatures and dry, but! and there is always a but, the rain has just started. This morning we caught up on all the gardening etc here at the guesthouse and at home.

Still no yellow lines in the village and as I am sure I have said before it looks better but cars are parking in the most ridiculous places. In fact the police have just been and placed a sign at the entrance of the village, my guess it is some sort of parking restriction information, it's pouring down now so I am not going to look.

I am having a problem with my camera so this is a picture Denis took the other day of a rainbow over Far Sawrey.