Near Sawrey

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A wet start but the sun soon broke through and it has been a nice sunny afternoon.
When I saw the rain this morning I was glad I had cut the grass yesterday.
Hill Top seems to keeping quite busy, the difference this week is the age of the visitors, more mature would be the polite description, it is much the same with our B&B customers.

I had to make a rare excursion the Hawkshead to post some papers to the accountant so I took my camera. The above picture is of "Bend and Bump" so called because of the low door,it should be "Bend or Bump" surely!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warm and sunny at last with no wind.I spotted my first swallow this morning.

This morning I arrived at the back door of Buckle Yeat and two red leg partridge scuttled away from the bird feeder that had fallen on the ground. I saw a couple of these birds early in the week. probably the same two, they are not usually seen here. I managed to get this picture.

We had a quick walk to the lake before tea and then settled down for the footy, all was going to plan till we gave an own goal 4 1/2 minutes into the last extra 4 minutes!!! bitter, me! no it's only half time.

Monday, April 21, 2008

At last the north wind dropped and the temperature has started to rise.
The schools are all back and so not one kiddie in the tearoom today, we did have a bit of an invasion, a coach load of ladies from Liverpool, their bus driver had got them lost and they were gasping for a cup of tea.

I took a phone booking tonight and I thought there was a bit of a delay, it turned out the call was from Tanzania in East Africa, I think that's a first.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another cold day, when will it warm up!!

We had a big turnout this morning and a steady day in the tearooms.
When we finished we had a quick walk up to the tarns and had a chat with Paul, Jayne and the kids on the way down, Fly the dog jumped up and planted some cow muck paw prints on my fleece so I had to discard it to go into the Tower for a beer.

Silence of the lambs, these lambs know how to get out and how to get back.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We went to Ulverston and Barrow yesterday, another funeral I'm afraid, an auntie of mine who has been ill for a while passed away last week.
On the way we saw the damage caused to Hoad Hill by a grass fire on Thursday and when we got to Barrow we saw the new statue of former Liverpool and England football captain Emlyn Hughes, Emlyn was from Barrow and they have built a new office complex in the town and named it after him.

Today it was cold again and it will remain that way as long as the wind is from the north east, Mr McGregor who sits on the bench outside Buckle Yeat raising money had a very poor day, I think it was to cold for people to dawdle taking pictures.

It will have been a busy day in Hawkshead today, there was a 15K trail run with lots of entries,also on the recreation ground there has been entertainment and refreshments.
An ambulance went howling through Near Sawrey towards Far Sawrey this afternoon, a section of the 15k the trail run passed through Far Sawrey and we wondered if there had been a problem with a competitor

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A steady day in the tea rooms, nobody was keen to sit out in the garden and no wonder with cold wind blowing.

Some daffs in the back garden at Buckle Yeat, Denis is in the process of planting this part of the garden with herbaceous plants, I think he has been watching Monty Don.

We had a brisk walk up to Moss Eccles and I took this picture of Esthwaite Water from the top of Coopers Lane, the wind chill around Moss Eccles made it feel even colder.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Again the weather remains changeable to say the least, we had a frost first thing then hail rain wind and then this afternoon the sun broke through and we had a pleasant sunny afternoon and early evening.

This is Buckle Yeat garden this morning.

The ospreys are back at Dodds Wood near Bassenthwaite, they have a great web site and web cam, just click on the link on the right of this page.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

It has been a sunny day and looking at the football in Liverpool and Manchester on the news tonight it looks like we had the best of the weather.
We had a chat with Matthew this morning via the medium of internet telephony ie Skype, it is a great system and best of all it is free!

Calves having a lie in this morning.

A full house and all guests checked by early evening so we had a walk up to Moss Eccles Tarn.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The weather gets no warmer! last year the tea garden was in full swing, this year we are putting heating on to warm the tea customers.
Derek and Vicky checked out this morning and will be back in 5 weeks.

We had a walk tonight down the Dub and then through Castle Wood.

A couple of shots of Wilfin Beck.

Daffs with Scutcheon House in the background. Anybody guess what Scutcheon means?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday so it means we have to head to Kendal for shopping, we also needed to find some pipe to patch up the washing machine which failed yesterday.
We set off for the ferry only to find it out of action so we went south to Newby Bridge and headed to Kendal on the A590, a new section of dual carriageway opened this week taking traffic away from High and Low Newton.

Success on the washing machine front, we managed to find the section of hose I needed to repair the washer, not in the washing machine shop but in the tractor spares department of Haytons! the hose looked like it was made to measure.

We took these pictures when we arrived home and had a quick walk to Esthwaite Water.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pictures taken from same place this morning as yesterday but a totally different view, that's the magic of the Lake District.

The village seems busier than Easter week although I think there are more children off school now than the Easter week proper.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This morning we had a sharp frost but it soon went as the sun shone all day.
I took these pictures as I walked to work this morning.

Footy tonight and boy what a game!!
Of course it was a penalty but hard luck Arsenal, bring on Chelsea

Monday, April 07, 2008

This morning the local council arrived to sort out a drain issue outside Buckle Yeat, I am not sure they helped the tea trade with jack hammers and pick axes in full swing, but the job needed to be done and it should be all sorted tomorrow.

Yesterday was a mixture of sun and snow showers, Denis had a walk up the village with my camera and took this classic shot of Near Sawrey with the snow covered in the background.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

4 seasons in a day with this weather!
Derek and Vicky pitched up this morning in time for breakfast, their first visit of the year.
Grand National day today and we had a small flutter but will not be retiring on the proceeds.
Liverpool played out another 1-1 draw with Arsenal,a good result for us but it means nothing unless they can come away from the 3rd game on Tuesday with a positive result.

We had a walk up the tops and then called into the Tower for a quick pint, then back home for tea.

Friday, April 04, 2008

These pictures taken this evening at "Pigling Bland Corner"

The Japanese guy checked out this morning and I gave him a lift to Hawkshead to catch a bus to Grasmere, he kindly gave me a couple of gifts, a set of Japanese cotton coasters and a small coin purse for Helen, it is a kind of custom for Japanese to leave gifts, they must have to pack for their holidays with gift giving tradition in mind.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This first picture looks like the Lake District but is in fact the Olympic National Park in Washington State taken by Buena a former guest and avid blog watcher, thanks Buena.

It has been a stunning day, the weather man says snow and freezing temperatures at the weekend.
We headed off to Kendal for some shopping.

This video was taken on the Ferry across Windermere this morning.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It has been a lot better weather wise these last 2 days, we had a boon day in the garden at Buckle Yeat and lopped lots of branches off a big Laurel near the garden shed.
Last day of the week for teas and although it has been Easter things have not been as busy as last year.
We have a couple of rooms free tonight, it was going to be very quiet but we picked up a Japanese gent for a couple of nights and a couple rang this morning and booked in for a couple of nights as well.
Big match tonight, Liverpool v Arsenal at the Emirate Stadium, a tough game!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After a sunny day yesterday we are back to cool showery weather today.

This morning I spotted a cuckoo on the bird feeder and managed to get this picture with a zoom lens.