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Monday, July 31, 2006

What a day, we had some really heavy showers this afternoon and we always keep an eye on the drains, at about 2pm we noticed that all of a sudden the drains were not taking the rainwater,we blocked the doors and tried to ring the council, a crazy situation occurred, I was on one line to the council who said it was not their responsibility and Denis was on the other line to United Utilities and they said it was not their problem, both parties suggested we ring the other.

Eventually the water company came out cleaned up the mess but left without trying to investigate the cause,of course the rain returns tonight and the problem is back, we are lucky down the lane opposite they are lower than us and having twice the problem.

As I write this we are awaiting the experts to arrive and the rain is pouring down.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

After yesterdays rain the sun returned, not a hot day but really pleasant.
A couple of rooms vacant tonight and we let one late afternoon so only the one left tonight.

Teas were quite steady and we had the plan if it went quiet we would try to get up on to Claife Heights in time to watch the Red Arrows who were due to arrive at 5:30.
We were a bit late in getting away and we would have to hurry, just as we were setting off behind Sawrey Hotel Paul, Jane and their three children picked us up in the Landrover, Janes dad was in too so it was a full vehicle.
Paul drove all the way to the very top of Scale Ivy, Ted & Helga were already there and we were followed up by Johnny, Rachel and their two children.

We had the most perfect view of a wonderful spectacle, the kids were amazed.
We set off on foot home in time for tea.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

A definite change in the weather this morning,rain was forecast and although it kept away till 3pm, when it arrived it was heavy.
The unfortunate thing was today was Sawrey children's sports day and so after all the dry weather the sports were a bit damp to say the least.

A good turn out, before the rain arrived.

The trophy stand awaiting the victors.

Tea trade was poor today and we closed a bit early, the final guests arrived at 5pm.
Later on we called in at the Tower Bank, it was busy with all the lads and lasses who organise the sports along with their kids, we had a very enjoyable hour and then headed home for tea, most of the others where eating at the pub.

Friday, July 28, 2006

We had a busy breakfast and 3 doubles and a single checked out, we are full again tonight and everybody arrived before tea time.

The marrow plants are coming on fine and I think they will be starting to flower before long.

After tea we decided to go on a different walk for a change, we set off down the Hawkshead road and when we got to Town End we cut up past the brewery and the Friends Meeting house, we then walked up the path through the woods past Wyes Een Tarn and Moss Eccles before dropping back into Sawrey,we never saw one single person until we
walked down the swilling shop 50 yards from home.

Wyes Een Tarn as the sun goes down.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another shopping day and off we head to Kendal, wherever we came across water we saw people of all ages paddling, swimming or sailing. They were in the rivers, lakes and streams.
When we got back I was talking to a guest who had been to Coniston water and said there was a large police presence just beyond Brantwood, apparently a body had been found in the lake this morning.
A full house tonight with all guests here by 6 o,clock.

Standing room only outside the Tower Bank Arms tonight.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yet more sunshine today but not as hot as previous days.
We had a busy day with lots of Americans, a definite lack of Japanese tourists this year, they all seem to be on tours.
A couple of regulars who have not been for a couple of years arrived today, they lost their old dog Jack but they now have a new labrador called Sam.

We walked along to Far Sawrey then up Cuckoo Brow lane and back into the village.
Matthew came with us and kept us entertained with stories of his trip.

Back to Buckle Yeat to make sure all is well and took this picture, not sure if the guy in number 2 is climbing in or out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It was a bit like United Nations at breakfast this morning, we had 3 people from California, 2 from Ireland,2 from Germany and 2 Brits who lived in Bahrain.

Another hot day with seemingly no end in sight, well I hope it lasts until the weekend when the Sawrey Sports take place.

A few vacancies again tonight, the Lakes seem very quiet, we fill up later on in the week and then we have a really busy spell.

We took a walk up to Moss Eccles tonight and the American girl and her mother followed us up, the girl was intent on a swim before she leaves tomorrow.


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Monday, July 24, 2006

Still sunny in Sawrey.
It does mean not many tea customers, but we did have a late rush of thirsty people late on this afternoon.

We have a few vacancies for the next few days and we managed to let 3 nights to a German couple and then we let another room later on tonight, so we have 9 in for breakfast tomorrow.

This evening we took a walk down to Esthwaite and along the shoreline, then back home for tea.

Matthew is on his way back from Bath, I think he will be to late for the ferry so will have to drive round the Lake.

A couple turned up at the Tower Bank and entertained the drinkers with music and singing, my roving reporter Denis captured this picture. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The guests from St Lucia checked out this morning, it turned out he was a chef and had worked with Gordon Ramsey.
It was not as hot today but still plenty of sunshine.

We sent Denis off to the fish farm for a couple of organic rainbow trout and then we put them on the barbie tonight, another first but again delicious.
After tea we set off a walk up round by Righting House and back into the village

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A full house again this morning with just a few departures, Matthew set off on his travels again, this time only for the weekend. A Durham pal is going to Canada so a group of friends have gathered at his home near Bath for a bit of a get together.

The village seemed quiet this afternoon but by the evening time it started to liven up, all the holiday lets seem busy and the kids are on holiday now.

We took a walk up the tops and I had a quick dip in the tarn while Helen was busy "snapping" the wild life.

Tower Bank Arms later for a couple of drinks.

Friday, July 21, 2006

No teas today but plenty of jobs needed sorting out, I took the strimmer to the verge across from Buckle Yeat, the council contractor passed this way the other day but the grass cutter did not touch the verge.

A fan failed in one of the bathrooms so I went to the electrical contractors in Hawkshead and managed to get a replacement.

A couple checked in for the weekend,they are now living in St Lucia, they must be our first visitors from that part of the world.

We went a walk this afternoon down the Dub then out at Eel house, were we met Gordon who lives there and had a bit of a crack with him before setting of with his warning ringing in our ears "beware of the snakes" through the woods to Cunsey, thanks Gordon.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A bit cooler today, rain this morning,but then the day improved and the sun shone all afternoon.
We went to Kendal for the shopping but made a point not to linger and we were back early.

We came back through Burneside and this is a manned crossing, not to many of these in this area.

I bought some fresh prawns or as the fishmonger called them crevettes and lit the barbie while Helen made a salad, it was the first time we had tried them on the BBQ but it was a great success.
We took a walk up Moss Eccles and Matthew went playing squash with some mates.
A full house tonight with 13 guests.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The heat goes on, into the 30s for last 4 days and people are starting to complain,we had a gentleman in for teas who was quite ill and we had to sit him in the lounge for an hour tonight while he recovered from feeling dizzy, they had a 4 hour drive ahead of them.
This afternoon we had a visit from the reverend David an old B&B customer, he and his wife had been next door in the pub for a drink at lunchtime and out of the corner of his eye saw a car start to creep forward on the car park so a quick dash to reach through the open window and he pulled on the hand brake, divine intervention or what.

We called in tonight to introduce Matthew to our new neighbours at the pub, Anthony bought us all a drink to welcome Matthew home.

Another BBQ tonight and then a walk down to Esthwaite Water

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Matthew arrived home after his 6 month trip to South America, trains were late and connections were missed but he is home.
We had our tea and talked until dark about Matthews trip,so no walk tonight.
The ambulance was in the village again yesterday, a Japanese lady overcome by the heat by all accounts.

Last week was the 60th anniversary of the opening of Hill Top and so they allowed children in at the same price as they did then, Denis went into the garden and bumped into a couple of famous characters.
The mercury is touching 33 degrees in the tea garden and the order of the day is cold drinks, Matthew is on his way home and of course you can fly across the Atlantis without delay but he has missed a connection due to late departure of his train, he will be 1 1/2 hours later than planned.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Another scorching day with not a cloud in the sky, all but one room left this morning we had a couple of rooms available tonight but managed to let one pretty early on and they want two nights which is perfect.

The wasp man arrived on time and promptly dispatched the nest we had in the loft.

We managed to let the last room this evening to a couple from Norway,after tea we had a walk along the footpath towards the church and then up Cuckoo Brow lane and back into the village.

A big day tomorrow Matthew gets back into Sawrey after 6 months travelling, Denis & Margaret will go and meet him at Oxenholme.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I could get use to this weather, not to hot overnight but nice and sunny all day, Matthew and Sarah arrived safe and well into Heathrow this morning and we have had a quick talk on the phone, he will be home into Sawrey on Tuesday.
I'm sure he will be surprised to see his gran working on the computer, these silver surfers get everywhere.

A steady day with teas and a few takers on the new strawberries and cream promotion, a couple in No5 told me they had been troubled by a lot of wasps overnight,I had a quick look in the loft and sure enough a large wasps nest is there.The man who makes his living dealing with such things will be here tomorrow,I have only spoke to him on the phone but he seems a bit of a character, he said he will be here as soon as he can in the morning, his first job of the day is digging a grave.

We had a walk before tea tonight and all the lads are busy in the hay fields, the weather is perfect for them.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sunshine again today and the weatherman say it will be even hotter tomorrow, quite a big turn around with guests today and the last ones arrived at about 10 o'clock, they flew into Manchester on their way back home to Aberdeen after a holiday in Switzerland.

After we finished teas we went home and lit the barbie and ate outdoors again, it's the best. We the set off up through Bishop Wood for walk before heading back to Buckle Yeat to await the aforementioned guests.
Matthew and Sarah are as I write this on their way home from Rio to Heathrow and are due to land at 7.30 tomorrow morning.

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's another sunny summers day in Sawrey.
No teas today so the garden was the job for today, I cut the grass at Buckle Yeat and at Sawreycroft, I started to clear out the old rockery at the back of Sawreycroft and soon realised my clippers were not going to do the job so I borrowed Tony's chainsaw and had a real culling afternoon,three trees bit the dust.

We managed to get home early doors and fired up the BBQ, spare ribs, salad and curried rice, lovely.
me and Helen walked up to Buckle Yeat to see the last guests in and the Margaret joined us for a walk, we went the opposite way round to last night, up stoney lane round the tarn and back down Coopers lane.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Summer is back today with clear blue skies and the temperature slowly rising.
We had to head to Kendal for provisions and on the way called in at the garage at Newby Bridge to pick up the MOT certificate for Matthews car, it has been in for a service and test. In Kendal we had a quick word with Dad and Alan at the shop and then headed up town to tax Matthews car and go to the bank.
Back home via the garage to pick up Matthews car.

Denis & Margaret went for afternoon tea to High Greengate as guests of Sawrey and Cunsey Social group, who amongst other things organise the event for the older residents of the area.
Gillian from High Greengate was presented with a rose tree by the group to celebrate a "special" birthday and as a thank-you for her part in the event.

Before we had our tea we took one of our regular walks up to Moss Eccles and took a few pictures then back down into the village, a quick pint in the TBA and home for chicken salad.