Near Sawrey

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sunshine again today and after work we had a walk through the woods.

As we got back into Near Sawrey we spotted a car we thought we knew and sure enough sat on the bench outside the Tower Bank Arms was former owners of Ees Wkye John and Margaret who now live in Foxfield, they had taken advantage of the sunny evening to get the car out and pay a visit to Sawrey. We had a chat before heading home for tea.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Summer arrived at last, it has been a lovely day and as usual the village is busier than at weekends.
The woodpecker was feeding on the bird feeder this morning at Buckle Yeat and it is getting very bold, if I had a more sophisticated camera I could have got a great shot.

The questions we get asked!! a gentlemen asked where he could buy some timber locally, fair enough, but he felt he had to go on and explain it was for a bed he had broken in a holiday let in Hawkshead, too much information, I'm sure his wife kicked him under the table, and I can tell you if you get kicked under the table you know about it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Red arrows were at the Windermere Air show and duly performed over the lake and so clearly visible from the village. We had directed a number of guests up onto Scale Ivy to get the best view.
The Rotary Club who are organisers of the Windermere Air Show were blessed with the weather because today it has been perfect.

No changes at Buckle Yeat this morning so a bit easier on the washing machine front.

One of Matthews old school mates rang this afternoon so he went over to the school and threw a few hoops (basketball terminology apparently).

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A big turn out from Buckle Yeat this morning but a full house again tonight.
Bill and Jill along with dog Holly arrived this afternoon for 8 days.
It has been a dry day but not a summers day.

Louise from the farm brought some quiz sheets round for us to sell, it is a TV advert quiz and is raising money for the pre-school in Hawkshead, Matthew is working his way through it.
A walk down to Esthwaite water tonight before tea.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Kendal yesterday and when we got back we called in at the Tower for a beer, Helen spotted crayfish tails on the specials board and I fancied the beef casserole so we decided to have our supper and then headed home.

The latest on the ladies who had the car broken into, things were worse than I feared because they both had a substantial amount of cash in their purses, the good thing is they are insured and despite the trauma of it all they were not injured.
The police seem to think the bags and belongings will turn up, minus the cash of course.

They left this morning and gave us a nice thank you card for our support, then this afternoon a floral display turned up with another thank you note.Thank you ladies.
Hill Top is closed as usual today and I have never seen so many people turning up on a Friday.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Rain again this morning but by lunch time the sun was shining.

St Peters church in Far Sawrey with Charlie and Nancy's colourful garden in the foreground.

We had a quick walk round to Far Sawrey and met Roger and Graham from Fold Farm they were just setting off to move their bull to a fresh field, the bulls pedigree name is "No effort" I asked the lads if that meant it needed no effort or it showed no effort, they just laughed.

We got back to Buckle Yeat to find two guests, a lady and her mum had parked at Castlerigg stone circle and when they got back to their car some morons had broke the back window and gone with their handbags, the police are on they way for a statement.
The ladies were quite distressed and I can understand why.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A great sunny day, more of these please!

Sawrey Stores opens it's Near Sawrey branch, Annie turned up across the road and set up shop from her van.

Fresh fruit kebabs, who would have thought it, they seemed to be going down a storm, it's a great idea and good luck Annie.

We had a walk down the dub round by the church and back into Near Sawrey, this weather is what we have been waiting for.

Monday, July 23, 2007

It has been a good day on the weather front today, except for a 10 minute downpour which saw all the tea garden customers scurrying inside.

The car park is busy and these kids decided the best place for a picnic was on top of the car.

We had a walk up to Moss Eccles tonight on a calm and sunny evening.

Esthwaite Water from Coopers Lane

A close shave.

We met Paul from Belle Green farm on the way back down into the village and this is his eldest daughter Louise with new puppy Mist.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

At last a taste of summer but alas it is not going to last, we have had a beautiful sunny warm day and tea room customers have been enjoying sitting in the garden.
Not such a busy day which is often the case at weekends.

We had a couple of guests who had been with us for the week, they live in Devon and had planned stopping over in Hereford on the way home, they had to re-plan their route.

We watched the end of the golf after work, well done Padraig, by the time it had finished the rain was back with a vengeance.

We had five people check in today a couple of sisters from Peterborough and three Japanese ladies.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rain, rain and more rain, but we can take a bit of wet weather, in the West Midlands however chaos reigns, sorry about the pun.
No chance of a walk tonight and so no pictures.

We have people arriving today all the way from Somerset and Cornwall and with all the traffic problems we are glad to report that they all arrived safely.

Matthew sent a text to tell us that him and Sarah arrived at his future place of residence in Leicester, they will be there for the weekend getting to know his new housemates.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Still no better on the weather front although at least it has been dry today, we had a sunny day yesterday for our trip to Kendal.
Just a couple of check-outs today and hopefully no late arrivals which is good for a Friday.
No teas today but we have been kept busy catching up on all sorts of jobs that get left.
Matthew got a card from Ann & Walt, two of the New Year gang, wishing him well in his new job, he is off to his new abode for the weekend to sort out just what he will need.
He sent back his contract of employment this morning so it is all official and he starts on the 7th August at 9am prompt.

We have nearly sold out of fridge magnets so I have ordered some more,we will also be getting some Buckle Yeat key rings!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Torrential rain this morning but yet again the sun broke through and we had a great afternoon of sun.

A quick walk to Esthwaite Water tonight and we tried to walk along a lakeside path; the problem was the level of the lake is so high that the path is under water. The good side of the high water level is the absence of the green algae, which usually blights the lake at this time of year.

Busy again in the village and Hill Top sold out mid afternoon, the beauty of Near Sawrey though is by 4.30pm the biggest majority of visitors have dispersed and the village is once more tranquil.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thunder storms overnight but I have to admit I slept through them all.
We had rain this morning but it turned into a fantastic sunny day, I think we were lucky, our Rachel went to work in Grange and struggled through floods to get there and I spoke to my brother in Kendal and he reported some heavy downpours.

Matthew received his contract of employment from his new employers this morning and he has a definite start date on the 4th August.

A walk down to Esthwaite this evening and took lots of photos.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Big news in the village, it was rumored that that Barbara Streisand the American diva had paid a visit to Hill Top, we heard about the visit the other day but had it confirmed today, apparently her people had rung from the Sharrow Bay hotel where she was staying and made arrangements to visit the house.

Summer arrived this afternoon and we hope it may stay but I have my doubts.
We had a good walk up to Moss Eccles this evening before tea.